Kaitlin O’Neill
Real Talk Ambassador
Kaitlin O’Neill

Kaitlin O’Neill, Miss South Dakota 2021, joins us as a Real Talk Brand Ambassador in 2021/2022. She is a 2020 graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato where she has degrees in both Marketing and Dance as well as a minor in Business Administration. In addition to serving as an ambassador, Kaitlin also dedicates her time to “BLOOM Into a Healthier You” and has partnered with the South Dakota Department of Health, the University of South Dakota’s Health Science department as well as Sanford Fit as she works to grow BLOOM! Supporting Real Talk and Advanced Recovery Systems is important to her for many reasons. Not only is the topic of drug and alcohol use very important to address with people of all ages, but it is also a topic that goes so well with her personal Social Impact Initiative as she helps people BLOOM and work towards a healthy balance mentally, physically, and emotionally. Kaitlin is excited to be able to make even more of an impact alongside Real Talk and is ready to work with individuals from all over the state to BLOOM Together.

Follow her at @MissAmericaSD

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