Gracie Westerfield
Real Talk Ambassador
Gracie Westerfield

MISS POLK COUNTY —  Gracie Westerfield joins us as a Real Talk Brand Ambassador in 2020! She is a rising senior at Florida Southern College, from Lakeland, Florida, studying Business Administration with a pre-law minor. In addition to serving as an ambassador, Gracie also dedicates her time to her social impact initiative, “No Excuse For Abuse”- A domestic violence awareness campaign and has been an activist, student, volunteer and public speaker with local and national resources such as the Peace River Center Victim Services and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Supporting Real Talk and Advanced Recovery Systems is important to her because it benefits the prevention and safety of our current and future generations facing substance abuse in their relationships. Substance abuse is unfortunately connected to sexual assault and affects intimate relationships. With the initial training from RealTalk, she has learned that “…97,000 students report sexual assault with the involvement of alcohol on an annual basis.” She is empowered to join the strong force of Real Talk ambassadors to combat these statistics with awareness, education and relatability.

Follow her at @misspolkcounty2020 and @graciewesterfield

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