Lindsay Bettis
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Lindsay Bettis
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    Lindsay Bettis, Miss Florida 2022, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Central Florida and is currently pursuing her MBA from Louisiana State University Shreveport’s accelerated online program. Her social impact initiative, “Prescription for Change: Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery” was crafted from the responsibility she felt to reverse the addiction crisis after growing up in a family with substance use. As Miss Florida 2022, she will continue her partnership and employment with Advanced Recovery Systems, a leader in behavioral healthcare, which allows her the opportunity to repair lives, restore families and revive communities. Through her advocacy, she has impacted hundreds of lives. She recently became a nationally Certified Event Interventionist (CEI) and serves as an ambassador for two substance abuse prevention programs, Natural High and Real Talk.

    As Miss Florida 2022, Lindsay is excited to continue working in collaboration with several organizations with missions synergistic with her own social impact initiative such as Project Opioid, The Orange County Drug Free Coalition, Florida Recovery Schools of Central Florida, as well as continuing the well-established partnerships as an ambassador for Nobu, Everglades Foundation and the Florida House on Capitol Hill.

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    Follow Lindsay on Instagram @misswinterpark2020

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