Merianne Lero
Director of Nursing
Merianne Lero

Merianne Lero, MSN, RN, is Director of Nursing at The Recovery Village Kansas City. She provides clinical expertise and consultation for the inpatient nursing units on the development of behavioral plans of care. Merianne is passionate about improving care for patients with mental health conditions and is involved in the community as an advocate for mental health and wellness. Previously, Merianne was Nurse Manager of the Psychiatric Liaison Service in the Emergency Department and Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Unit at Strawberry Hill. She was instrumental in the implementation of the Vanderbilt Acuity tool in the adult psychiatry hospital which improved outcomes for patients and satisfaction for staff. She has worked as the operational leader of the Behavior Response Team, the Complex Behavioral Health Patient Program, the Suicide Prevention Team, and the Assault Prevention Team.

In her spare time, Merianne enjoys time with her family and friends, hanging out with her pup, traveling, hiking, and photography. Merianne believes in living life on purpose with gratitude, joy, and peace.

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