Laura Beth Burkhalter
Community Education Speaker
Laura Beth Burkhalter
Social Media

    Laura Beth “LB” Burkhalter, Director of Community Engagement at Jade Recovery, Certified Naloxone Administration Trainer, Recovery Coach and Co-Chair of TPAS Colorado (Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services). LB is passionate about creating recovery community and connection through music and expression. LB has created alumni programs, social media recovery platforms and sober safe spaces for the LGBTQ community.

    She also worked to develop sober open mic nights with various musicians in recovery and started numerous service work events that impact our community at large. Her goal at Jade is to one day create a universal platform for people in recovery, no matter what program you come from, where everyone is welcome. LB is also a person in long term recovery, who will be celebrating 5 years of sobriety in November 2020. She is dedicated to saving lives and teaching others what they need to know in order to help. When she isn’t working to connect us all in various ways, you can find her creating music, biking and being a dog mom.

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