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Doxepin is the generic form of a tricyclic sedating antidepressant. When sold under the brand name “Silenor,” the formulation of the drug had been modified to have a lower dose of doxepin, and the medication is then used specifically to treat patients with insomnia – a condition that sees the person having trouble falling asleep and possibly remaining asleep for a full night. Because it is an antidepressant, its effect of calming the mind of those with depression is what makes it effective and allows the user to sleep.

Silenor has little risk of side effects when used as prescribed, however it is considered a sleeping pill and these can have harmful interactions when used with patients with co-occurring conditions. Individuals with liver disease, kidney disease, COPD, and asthma are discouraged from using a drug like Silenor. Adverse reactions (including death) can even happen if alcohol or grapefruit juice are consumed while taking Silenor as the body reacts to a chemical change brought about when these are combined with the drug.

Generally, medications like sleeping pills are recommended for use for a short duration – only a few days. People sometimes continue to use drugs like Silenor for longer periods and become reliant on them for achieving some level of sleep enhancement. This is an addiction and help to overcome the addiction is needed. Withdrawal can be hard when done without proper medical care.

If you suspect there may be an addiction with somebody you know who is using Silenor, you can learn more by checking out the Silenor related topics or contact The Recovery Village at any time to get the answers you need.

Silenor Related Topics

Mixing Silenor with AlcoholSilenor does not trigger life-threatening side effects when mixed with alcohol. However, combining them can amplify the impact that both have on the central nervous system.