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Seconal is classified as a barbiturate depressant drug that has been in use for nearly 80 years. It is prescribed for patients who have insomnia – a condition that prevents them from falling asleep or being able to stay asleep through an evening. Because of its extreme sedative properties, recent years have seen Seconal also being used to hasten the end-of-life process for terminally ill people.

When used under normal conditions, Seconal affects the central nervous system (CNS) of the individual by causing drowsiness, allowing them to get the needed rest. Barbiturate drugs like Seconal are not prescribed for long durations. Instead the typical prescription is for no more than two weeks. This is because the drug’s effectiveness can lessen as more time on the drug occurs. This has a backlash effect as sometimes individuals who have been given further prescriptions find that a tolerance to the drug has developed, leaving them physically needing more to achieve the same results. This then results in a further dependency on the drug by the body. Once the body has become dependent, an addiction has taken place and it can be very difficult to stop using Seconal.

Additionally, recreational use of Seconal has seen an uptick. Not in favor since the 1970s, Seconal misuse in young adults is becoming more prevalent as other drugs are harder to come by and Seconal is readily available via prescriptions.

Because Seconal alters brain functions, side effects of use and withdrawal can be very serious. These can include extreme sedation, coma, and possibly death. Attempts to stop using this drug should be done with the assistance of medical professionals only.

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