For individuals needing relief from moderate to severe pain, Roxicodone is one of the drugs most popularly prescribed by healthcare professionals when non-opioid pain relievers are ineffective. It comes in immediate-release tablets made from a formulation of oxycodone hydrochloride, making it one of the more potent painkillers found in the opioid family of drugs on the market today. Because it is an opioid, it is at high risk for abuse, overdose, and addiction.

Due to its potency, rapid onset of action, and heroin-like “high” that is produced, many people seek out this drug for recreational purposes. Roxicodone can be found readily on the streets and users will often modify the drug to help expedite their high. They typically do this by crushing the pills then inhaling them or mixing them with water so the drug can be injected.

Even for people that have a prescription, abuse can happen. This typically takes place as their body becomes tolerant to the drug and more is needed to achieve better pain relief. They may then take more of the drug than is prescribed or take it more frequently.

For either type of abuse, once tolerance has taken place, the body then becomes dependent on the drug and usually more is sought out – thereby starting an addiction that needs to be stopped. Suddenly stopping use is not suggested, as severe withdrawal symptoms can occur and often make it more difficult for the addicted individual to stop using Roxicodone. Instead, they should seek out professional help to assist with the management of withdrawal symptoms.

Dependency on using Roxicodone or a reluctance to discontinue its use is problematic but help to break this cycle is available. To learn more, check out the frequently asked questions provided or contact a representative at The Recovery Village to learn about options for recovery.