Roxicet – FAQ

Roxicet is a painkilling prescription-based medicine that combines acetaminophen and oxycodone. With this drug, the inclusion of acetaminophen is to help alleviate minor pain. Oxycodone is included because it works on different parts of the body when eliminating pain and makes the drug more effective. However, oxycodone is a morphine-based drug, making this medication one that has a greater risk for abuse and addiction for those who use it.

Abuse occurs both with those for whom the drug has been prescribed, and by those who seek it out for recreational use. Prescription users can build up a tolerance to the drug and this may lead them to take more of it, or take it more frequently, to achieve the level of pain relief they once had. On the streets, users seek out Roxicet to achieve a “high” similar to that encountered with heroin use – but cheaper. This can be done when they adulterate the drug, either by chewing the tablet or crushing it for snorting or injecting it when mixed with water. They too can build up a tolerance to this drug. As the tolerance builds, the body then can become dependent on it, and an addiction has formed.

If you or somebody you know has become reliant on using Roxicet, help to break this addiction is available. To learn more, check out the frequently asked questions or contact a representative at The Recovery Village to learn about options for recovery.