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From alcohol self-help to recovery: practical tips

practical tips

Thinking about quitting alcohol? Ready to quit alcohol? Here are some practical tips to help you get from self-help through recovery.

Drug use statistics

Drug use statistics including drug treatment rates, most frequently abused drugs, and the intersection of drug use and mental health.

Over the counter drug abuse

Cold Or Cough Syrup Medicine In A Measuring Cup Isolated On White Background

From cough syrup to pain killers, over-the-counter medications can be easily obtained from pharmacies and drug stores, leading to abuse.

Inhalant abuse

practical tips

Learn to spot inhalant abuse through personality and behavior traits and the dangers associated with these harmful substances.

Benzodiazepine treatment guide

benzo guide

Using Benzos like Xanax and Valium for mental health issues can lead to abuse. Addiction to Benzodiazepine requires treatment for withdrawal, and recovery

Co-occurring disorder treatment


When a person is living with both a substance abuse disorder and a co-occurring mental health disorder, the best possible path for recovery begins with comprehensive treatment for both disorders.

Process addiction treatment

Close up of businessman throwing dice. Gambling concept

Not all addictions are always chemical; Behaviorial addictions create the same effects within the brain and many times are left untreated.

A guide to sober living

Road To Recovery road sign with sun background

Recovery is a lifelong process; many times the most difficult part of a persons’ walk with recovery is the post-treatment.

ADD treatment

Bipolar Disorder

An inability to concentrate and uncontrollable impulsivity that affect daily tasks and functioning may indicate attention deficit disorder, or ADD.

OCD treatment

Girl comparing life goals

Obsessive-compulsive disorder refers to a combination of exaggerated thoughts and fears (obsessions) that cause repetitive behaviors (compulsions).

Panic disorder

vector warning sign

Help is available for people who struggle with the debilitating effects of panic disorder.

Phobias and addiction

boy screams opening the mouth

Is a phobia interfering with your life, or the life of a loved one? If your relationship, job, or social activities are a challenge, we can help.

Addiction and mental health manual


Distinguishing the root causes of your illness allows The Recovery Village to develop the most effective care plan for you and your needs.

Intervention handbook

Angry women after a fight not speaking sitting on the sofa

An intervention is a planned, rehearsed meeting with the purpose to persuade someone to get help for a substance use or eating disorder.

Guide to healthy living

Running athlete man. Male runner sprinting during outdoors training for marathon run. Athletic fit y

Learn how to reposition your life into a healthy living and rebuild your life on stronger, healthier foundation.

Mental illness and addiction therapy

illness and addiction

Considering rehab? Read about alcohol treatment options, signs and symptoms of alcoholism, statistics, research, and how to help an alcoholic family member.

Alcohol treatment and rehab

alcohol treatment guide

An intervention is a planned, rehearsed meeting with the purpose to persuade someone to get help for a substance use or eating disorder.

Heroin detox

this is poppy capsule in poppy garden

Heroin addiction stages and symptoms, research, treatment, FAQ, and the progression of heroin addiction, and what recovery look like.

Drug detox

Medicine Doctor Hand Working With Modern Computer Interface

Drug detox FAQs, research, statistics, medications, and what to expect with a medical drug detoxification program

Sober living and aftercare programs

Abstract avatar vector illustration about mind gear

Sober living facilities and aftercare programs offer help to support the changes you make during drug rehab and help prevent relapse.

Opiate addiction treatment


Opiate addiction treatment, risks of opiate abuse, addictive potential, signs of use, opiates potency, and treatment options.

Drug addiction

drugs of addiction

Understand the facts about drug addiction. Distinguish the difference between drug use, abuse, and addiction, as well as symptoms linked to these behaviors.

The friends and family treatment portal

Sober living facilities and aftercare programs offer help to support the changes you make during drug rehab and help prevent relapse.

K2/Spice addiction treatment

Young cannabis plants, marijuana, close-up.

Spice or K2 is a highly addicting synthetic cannabinoid. Learn what K2/Spice is, its addictive qualities, signs of addiction and how to get help quitting.

Drug addiction rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation information, including facility selection, treatment methods, drug abuse info, rehab success rates, cost, insurance, payment options.

Symptoms of OSFED

problems a daughter has with addictions

Consult a treatment professional to identify which eating disorder you may be experiencing and learn the treatment necessary to treat this illness.

Bulimia treatment basics

Image of male hand with knife cutting cucumbers on wooden board

Bulimia is a mental health disorder that affects 1.5 million people in the United States. Left untreated, bulimia does get worse and can be life-threatening

Anorexia treatment essentials

Metaphor for anorexia or bulimia eating disorder, apple in front of a mirror

Learn about the symptoms of anorexia and the co-occurring disorders often associated with anorexia, as well as treatment options for this illness.

Grief and substance abuse

A girl thinking about her addictions

Losing a loved one is difficult, no matter the circumstances, and each person handles loss in his or her own unique way.

PTSD treatment

PTSD Concept. The Word of Red Color Located over Text of White Color.

What is PTSD? It’s causes, symptoms, treatment, and how and when to get help. The Recovery Village offers treatment options.

Symptoms of borderline personality disorder

woman dealing with her mental problems

Characteristics associated with BPD include instability in interpersonal relationships, shifting self-image, volatile emotions. Read about additional symptoms.

Depression treatment

hand shake with cloud.

Our depression treatment center in Orlando, Florida is available to help anyone struggling with mild, moderate or severe depression.

Bipolar disorder


With proper treatment, bipolar disorder can be managed, and individuals can go on to lead happy and healthy lives.

Anxiety treatment

a young woman is sad, anxious and depressed. sitting on a track and is lonely

Learn more about anxiety disorder, what it is, the types of anxiety, underlying causes and treatments

Treating prescription drug addiction


Whether it’s opiates for pain relief, stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall, or anti-anxiety medications, if you’re abusing prescription drugs, get treatment.

PCP addiction treatment

Heroin consignments found of drug control employees

PCP is a hallucinogen that has dangerous short and long-term side effects. Learn the symptoms of addiction, rehab and detox options, and how to get help.

Marijuana addiction treatment


Marijuana addiction, regardless of the drug’s legal status, is problem often requiring drug rehab treatment to break marijuana’s grip over the addicted.

Symptoms of LSD abuse

LSD is one of the most potent hallucinogenic drugs. LSD contains many short-term, as well as long-term, side effects from tremors to paranoia and more.

Heroin addiction treatment

Man passed out on table after drug use<br />
** Note: Shallow depth of field

Seeking heroin addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one? Review these common symptoms, effects and treatment options for rehabilitation.

Ecstasy/MDMA addiction treatment

Pink Ecstasy pill isolated on white illustration

About ecstasy/MDMA addiction treatment including signs of abuse, addictiveness, getting help and into a rehab program.

Crystal meth addiction treatment


Crystal Meth Addiction is one of the most serious drug addictions in existence. Learn about crystal meth’s effects, treatment options and how to get help.

Cocaine addiction treatment

White powder on black reflective surface closeup

Seeking treatment for cocaine addiction for yourself or a loved one? Review these common symptoms, effects and treatment options for rehabilitation.

Alcohol abuse

Glass of whiskey on wooden background close up

Learn about alcohol use, alcohol abuse and dependence (alcohol use disorder) including signs, symptoms and treatment options.

Mental health treatment

mental health

Mental health treatment is essential for those experiencing an addiction or an eating disorder. The Recovery Village provides treatment that leads to recovery.

Eating disorder treatment

girl being comforted with her sober companion

Read about the different types of eating disorders, indicator symptoms of these diseases and how to get the help needed to treat these illnesses.

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