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Remeron is a TeCA (tetracyclic antidepressant) drug, also sold generically as mirtazapine. Remeron is prescribed by health care providers to help individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD) better manage their mood. In addition to being an antidepressant, Remeron has other properties (sedative, antiemetic, anxiolytic, and appetite stimulation) that see it being prescribed for conditions other than depression. These include insomnia, anxiety disorders, nausea and vomiting and weight gain for anorexia patients.

Remeron has a shorter list of side effects than many of the other drugs found in its class, but serious ones still can occur and need to be watched for as this drug works on the brain. These side effects of Remeron can include sexual dysfunction, sweating excessively, confusion, insomnia, pupil dilation, odd dreams, dizziness and constipation.

Remeron is not likely to be abused, but since it is a mood-altering drug, this does sometimes happen. Taking more of the medication than is prescribed to achieve a higher “high” is the thought, but the reality is that a euphoric state (like that seen with narcotics) is not achievable. Increased sensations of well-being are – but this is risky, as by increasing the dose, a tolerance builds and so does a psychological dependency, or addiction. Reluctance to experience the emotional state felt at lower doses or prior to beginning use can keep people in the cycle of abusing Remeron.

If you or somebody you know has become reliant on using Remeron or is reluctant to stop misusing it, we can provide help to break this cycle. To learn more, check out the related topics provided or contact a representative at The Recovery Village.

Remeron Related Topics

Remeron (Mirtazapine) Mixing It and AlcoholRemeron (mirtazapine) is a prescription medication used to treat mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Remeron can be very effective at stabilizing the mood and helping people feel happier when taken as prescribed.
Taking Remeron While PregnantCan you take Remeron while pregnant? Remeron’s active ingredient, mirtazapine, is a category C drug. With category C drugs, doctors will weigh the risks compared to the benefits of the drug and decide whether a pregnant woman should continue using it.