If you are thinking about getting sober and entering a substance abuse treatment center, you are probably terrified. Approaching sobriety can be one of the most difficult and stressful things that you will ever do, and it is tough to see through the initial difficulty to the positive outcome on the other side.

Rest assured, there is another side to the turmoil of addiction and alcoholism. When you have reached the end of your rope with drugs and alcohol, a little bit of hope is often just the thing to keep you moving in the right direction.   Here is your mega-dose of hope in the form of six great ways that sobriety is going to change your life for the better.

1. Live Longer

If you stop drinking and taking drugs, you will live longer. This is not just speculation, but now a proven fact. Based on data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), chronic users of alcohol can cut their life expectancy by 23.1 years if they continue drinking.  A heroin user, provided he or she does not die from an overdose, is probably going to reduce life expectancy by 52 percent, or 41.2 years.

The best way to live longer? Obviously, you will increase your odds of longer life if you stop drinking and taking drugs. In fact, the body and brain will begin to regenerate as soon as you quit.

2. Feel Better

Aside from living longer, you are just simply going to feel better when you are sober. Many addicts and alcoholics have a hard time imagining living without their substances, but find life much easier and enjoyable once those substances are gone. You will feel better both physically and emotionally. As you enter recovery, you will be given the tools to handle emotions constructively and will achieve that inner peace that drugs and alcohol failed to provide.

3. Improved Relationships

Many alcoholics and addicts have a long string of damaged relationships in their past. Fortunately, sobriety allows you to both repair and improve some of your most important relationships. You will learn to deal with people in a genuine manner and form true connections with your loved ones.

Substance abuse treatment

Sobriety gives you the opportunity to re-establish relationships with family.

4. Look Healthier

You might have thought that you looked amazing at 90 lbs, but the chances are that your appearance while drinking or drugging was fairly horrifying. Once you sober up, you will find family and acquaintances quick to compliment your clear skin, healthy-looking hair, and even your sparkling eyes. One DailyMail article discussed how giving up alcohol for just over a month transformed the author’s complexion. While vanity may not be the best reason to get sober, the resulting change in your appearance a nice added bonus.

5. Save Money

You simply may not have any idea how much money you are wasting on your addiction. Chances are that a substance abuse treatment counselor will ask you to figure it out as constructive exercise. Just consider the total of the cost of the substances, the irrational purchases, the misplaced money, and any legal expenses to get yourself out of trouble. Now, choose to get sober, and all of that money stays in your bank account. Suddenly, you can easily pay all of your monthly bills, save for retirement, and even take a vacation or two.

6. Have Fun!

It might be difficult to believe this from where you are sitting now, but recovery is actually a lot of fun. 12-step meetings are not a gathering of depressed and angry people. Instead, you are likely to find yourself surrounded by new friends who make you smile and who are eager get together for a variety of social activities.

While this may sound like a tall order, the fact is that sobriety is life-changing for those who set themselves up to succeed. The first step is committing to a reputable substance abuse treatment program. Contact us now to learn about admissions and explore how we can help you or a loved one get on the path to recovery.