Sometimes things go viral for all the wrong reasons, but in other cases, it’s for all the right reasons. A Tennessee couple recently shared two photos that showed their transformation from active meth addiction to recovery. The couple used the hashtag #CleanChallenge, and since then the post has gained hundreds of thousands of likes and has also been shared many times over. The story is a good reminder of both the potential for social media to be a force of good and the reality that recovery is achievable.

Early Drug & Alcohol Use and a History of Addiction

Brent and Ashley Walker both have a history of youth drug use, as they each say they started struggling with substance use when they were around nine years old. Brent said he started smoking cigarettes at nine, and by 12, he was smoking marijuana. By 15, he had started selling drugs and was also doing mushrooms, ecstasy, and acid. When Brett was 20, he started to do drugs like meth, following his brother’s fatal car accident.

Ashley said she started drinking when she was nine or ten and smoking marijuana and using morphine by the time she was a teen. By 18 she was doing harder drugs, including meth.

Both Brent and Ashley would come together and get high together. They were frequently having run-ins with the police, dealing with probation violations. Ashley lost custody of her children twice.

From a Nearly Failed Drug Test to Meth Recovery

Brent barely passed a required drug test while he was on probation in 2016. He’d served two years of a 10-year sentence, and he decided it was time for him to make a change. Together, Brent and Ashley went cold turkey and started their life of crystal meth addiction recovery. They got married after a year of sobriety to celebrate.

While they stopped cold turkey, Brent points out that the road to crystal meth addiction recovery wasn’t simple or easy. The couple had to cut ties with friends who used drugs, and they relied on church programs and recovery programs to meet other sober people.

The Meth Recovery Process

The meth recovery process is a difficult one because as with other substances, it affects your brain, and it can take time for your brain to recover. Your physical health has to recovery as well. Using techniques such as healthy coping skills can help prevent meth relapse.

With meth, there’s not necessarily a period of withdrawal with physiological symptoms as much as with substances like opioids, but there are still many side effects you encounter in the early days of recovery in addition to drug cravings.

Tips for Coping with Addiction

When coping with drug addiction recovery, following the lead of people like Brent and Ashley can help. They emphasized the importance of building a sober support network, refocusing their attention, and also taking it not just day by day but sometimes hour by hour.

Letting Others Know That Meth Addiction Recovery Is Possible

Sometimes, hearing that it is possible and that others have done it can help put someone on the path to meth addiction recovery. Now that Ashley and Brent are several years into their meth addiction recovery, they have a very different life. Both are employed, and Ashley is working on getting custody of her children from a previous relationship. They are also working toward being able to buy a home.

According to Brent, using substances like meth can seem like fun at the time. But eventually, you face the consequences for everything. His advice to people is to start bringing yourself back up, which is a slow process, but well worth it.

His and Ashley’s stories about meth before and after recovery, as well as their meth recovery pictures, are inspirational for the people currently going through what the couple did.

What to Do If Someone You Know Is Struggling with Meth Addiction

If someone you love is struggling with meth, it’s important to provide support without being an enabler. A good starting point is to find resources that you can show them as far as getting help for meth addiction. A meth addiction treatment program can help someone not only stop using the drug but also deal with the other physical and mental issues leading to and surrounding their substance misuse.

Meth addiction treatment can be personalized to the needs of the individual and can provide them not only with the actual treatment during the program but also with aftercare support and resources for sustainable long-term recovery.

If you would like more information about meth addiction treatment, contact The Recovery Village today.

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