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Voice Awards to be Held in September

The Voice Awards are quickly approaching, and individuals are gearing up for the event.

Voice Awards to be Held in September

The awards will take place in Hollywood on Sept. 25th, and will bring individuals in the movie and TV industry together with those in the behavior and mental health field to fight against the stigma associated with behavioral disorders.

The awards recognize TV programs and movies that accurately portray behavioral health problems and work to decrease the discrimination and biases associated with substance abuse and mental illness.

Recognizing Those in the Entertainment Field

Every year, the Voice Awards recognize directors, writers and actors who feature the struggles individuals with behavioral and substance abuse disorders face. The Voice Awards are held in connection with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

This year, SAMHSA is focusing on “the significant impact that individuals and communities can have when they support and give a voice to people with mental and/or substance use disorders by educating others about behavioral health and motivating them to create change in their communities.”

Honoring Those Who Help Others

SAMHSA also honors those who have shared their personal stories of addiction or mental illness in order to educate others; individuals such as Jennifer Constantine of Rapid City, SD. Constantine herself struggled with mental illness for many years. After her recovery, she became an advocate for mental health and continues to help others suffering with mental illness. Constantine will receive a consumer/peer leadership award from SAMHSA at the Voice Awards this year for her efforts.

There are many people throughout the country who devote their lives to creating awareness for mental and behavioral health issues and work to provide help to those who need it. Unfortunately, not all of these individuals will be honored by something as prestigious as the Voice Awards, but these people continue to be heroes to those they help. Reach out to our Carson city drug rehab resources for more information.

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September 16th 2013 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Events