As a national leader in addiction health care and treatment, The Recovery Village helps people refocus their mental and physical health in many ways. While participating in treatment is one option, The Recovery Village provides a variety of additional resources to help any person —  including seniors, teenagers, veterans or LGBTQ+ members — find long-term recovery at their own pace.

The Recovery Village and its parent company, Advanced Recovery Systems, believes in a multifaceted rehabilitation approach that involves detoxification, medication when necessary, individual and group counseling, and emotional and psychological support from peers and medical experts. There are more ways to help someone struggling with a substance use disorder than just by offering rehab. From phone conversations with representatives to online resources that detail where to find treatment and how an addiction forms, The Recovery Village’s recovery resources ensure that everyone who is in need of help can receive valuable information to help them on their path to recovery.

Choose Your Conversation

The Recovery Village representatives are available to talk with anyone who is struggling with addiction or mental illness. These knowledgeable individual share their own experiences with addiction and can provide support and guidance for anyone in need of assistance.

Even if someone is primarily seeking a conversation regarding their or their loved one’s drug use and is not interested in starting rehab, representatives are available to help. An honest discussion about the struggles that someone faces and their path to a healthier future can raise someone’s spirits and provide them with the inspiration to make that future a reality.

Automated Response System

If a phone conversation is not possible or desirable, people can have similar conversations online through Facebook or the The Recovery Village website. An automated response program is available on either medium to answer any questions and provide information regarding The Recovery Village’s services.

Find Treatment Anywhere in the U.S.

The Recovery Village is a national company and has facilities in each region of the United States. However, not every person lives near one of The Recovery Village facility. For some people, location is one of the most important factors when searching for treatment. The Recovery Village understands that not everyone can travel thousands of miles for addiction rehabilitation. These people still need help though, and The Recovery Village has numerous online local resources to help them find facilities in their city or state.

Information for Before and After Treatment

The Recovery Village website also explains each step of the rehabilitation process, from the first communication between a representative of The Recovery Village and the potential client to finding community groups that promote sobriety. Since no two people have the same substance use disorder, each treatment plan at The Recovery Village is unique to each patient’s needs. The Recovery Village explains each unique level of care — such as the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab, what intensive outpatient rehab means and when detoxification occurs — and how they can benefit a person in recovery from addiction.

Before ever considering rehab, many people are either unaware of the severity of their substance use disorder or are interested in learning more about the effects of drugs and alcohol. The Recovery Village website includes a collection of pages that detail the signs and effects of drug use, the prevalence of addiction for each substance and the most common withdrawal symptoms that people experience. These pages can inform people of the severity of their or their loved one’s substance use disorder and motivate them to seek the appropriate medical help.

Video Resources

Additionally, you can find information on drug and alcohol addiction through The Recovery Village YouTube channel. These videos, which include the “I’m Possible” and “Resources for Recovery” series, answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding substance use disorders, how to help your loved one struggling with addiction and therapy options and the benefits of treatment.

Making Finances Less of an Obstacle

People who seek treatment often ask questions regarding the cost of rehabilitation. The Recovery Village understands that financial constraints can prevent people from receiving proper medical attention. However, undergoing any level of treatment without supervision from doctors and nurses can be extremely risky.

In order to provide everyone with an opportunity to receive adequate medical care, The Recovery Village attempts to reduce the constraints that some people experience due to limited finances. Finances should not prevent someone from receiving the treatment they need, and The Recovery Village has numerous resources available to help people reduce the financial burden caused by medical care.

Online Insurance Verification Form

The Recovery Village wants people who are interested in rehabilitation for themselves or their loved one to have as much information as possible regarding the levels of care and the costs associated with treatment. One of the most useful online offerings is The Recovery Village’s insurance checker and calculator, a feature that allows you to input your insurance information and learn whether or not your insurance is within The Recovery Village’s network.

Along with the insurance checker, The Recovery Village provides several additional resources to help you better understand the costs and payment options for drug or alcohol rehab:

If you still have questions, a call center representative 352.771.2700 is available help with answer financial questions related to rehab.

Celebrating All Milestones

Part of the recovery journey involves celebrating the successes along the way. Even small milestones should be recognized. Each day, week, month and year of sobriety is a reason to celebrate, even if that celebration involves just a personal thought or a social media post marking the accomplishment.

Sometimes the milestone might not be as easy to notice, though. Many people track their sobriety by days, months or years. Certain units of time can be too difficult to track. However, there could be some hidden milestones that people haven’t realized they reached during their sobriety. Achieving 1,000 hours is worth a celebration, but many people may miss it since day 41 may seem too random to celebrate, yet just over halfway into day 41 is 1,000 hours.

Sobriety Calculator

The Recovery Village wants everyone in recovery to be able to track their sobriety down to the seconds. One of the online resources The Recovery Village offers is a sobriety calculator. Input the date when your sobriety began and the program will show how many years, months, days, minutes and seconds your sobriety has lasted.

All of these features are available to anyone who visits The Recovery Village’s website or calls The Recovery Village to speak with a representative. These resources are all examples of how Advanced Recovery Systems is dedicated to treating patients and informing people of the dangers of addiction.

Beyond Rehab: Recovery Resources to Help You Today
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