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Take This Summer to Invest in Your Future

Take This Summer to Invest in Your FutureIt can be difficult to realize you have a problem if many of the people you know encourage you, or are behaving the same way. Returning home for summer can be a reminder of how extreme life at university is when compared with the familiar routines at home. In order to take back your life from damaging patterns of negative behavior, it’s important to evaluate what will contribute to your overall health, well-being, and ultimately success and happiness.

One of the most confusing challenges faced at college is distinguishing between acceptable behavior and what is unhealthy or harmful. It may be hard to accept your behavior is damaging because peers seem as though they can handle it all, or that the main advantage of being at college is all the partying.

Getting some distance from university life in can be a good occasion to evaluate distorted thinking and behaviors. Instead of normalizing things like drug use, binge drinking, abusing diet pills, skipping classes and blowing off responsibilities; weigh the risks and consequences alongside the investment and opportunity afforded by college. Objectively ask yourself if your behavior truly represents what you would project for your future. For advice on staying sober during university life, reach out to our specialists in alcohol and drug treatment in Carson City.

Summer is an ideal time to take back your life, take back control and the direction you intend to take your life in college. Being free of the demanding schedule of attendance does not have to mean an unstructured vacation. Whether talking with a counselor or going to treatment, this time can provide success in the efforts to break out of destructive, compulsive cycles and establish more hope about a healthy future.

Individuals equipped with the means to manage the pressures and triggers of college stress will have the chance to practice new coping skills and new outlooks before returning to school. Summer break will not only provide the time to take first steps towards recovering balance, health and well-being, but will promote the stress management skills vital to achieving personal goals and success.

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June 23rd 2014 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Rehab