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Mental health

Mental Health Professionals Who Work in Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities

The Recovery VillageAlcohol Treatment, Rehab

When you make the wise choice to go to an alcohol and drug rehab, a team of dedicated and highly-trained professionals will be on hand to help you reach your sobriety goals.
June 20th 2017
The Recovery Village
Alcohol Treatment, Rehab

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Rehabilitation center

Understanding the Three Main Types of Eating Disorders

The Recovery VillageRehab

Eating disorders are treatable medical conditions, and they are sometimes diagnosed in patients at rehabilitation centers. All eating disorders involve serious disturbances in weight regulation ... Read more
May 29th 2017
The Recovery Village

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Inpatient rehab

Top Treatment Options for Eating Disorders

The Recovery VillageCo-occurring Disorders, Rehab

Eating disorders present numerous treatment challenges, but there is no question that they can be treated successfully. One of the biggest challenges is the simple ... Read more
May 28th 2017
The Recovery Village
Co-occurring Disorders, Rehab

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Drug and alcohol rehab

How Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Impact Your Job?

The Recovery VillageAlcohol Treatment, Rehab, Substance Abuse

Returning to work after drug and alcohol rehab will often brings mixed feelings. On the one hand, you have made tremendous strides in overcoming addiction ... Read more
May 24th 2017
The Recovery Village
Alcohol Treatment, Rehab, Substance Abuse

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Rehabilitation center

Can Treatment for Gambling Addiction Really Work?

The Recovery VillageAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery, Rehab

Gambling is considered by most to be a socially acceptable activity, but some people are unable to control gambling behavior. Gambling is considered an addiction ... Read more
April 25th 2017
The Recovery Village
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery, Rehab

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Is Drug Addiction a Disease or Choice?

Jessie GouldAlcohol Treatment, Substance Abuse

For centuries, addiction to alcohol and drugs has been seen as a moral failing. The person addicted was viewed as lacking in willpower. But while ... Read more
June 30th 2016
Jessie Gould
Alcohol Treatment, Substance Abuse