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From Addiction to Recovery: Lara’s Story

Lara FrazierAddiction, Recovery

I found myself in sobriety. I lost her along the way. The world was full of noise. It was telling me to be this and to be that.
July 11th 2017
Lara Frazier
Addiction, Recovery

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Drug abuse and addiction

Parental Responsibility and Teen Drug Abuse

The Recovery VillageAddiction

No one expects parenting teens to be easy, and no one expects the parents of teens to be perfect.
July 9th 2017
The Recovery Village

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From Addiction To Recovery: Austin’s Story

Kelly FitzgeraldAddiction / Recovery Stories

I grew up in a little part of Columbus, Ohio called Worthington. I consider my upbringing to be incredibly blessed.
July 8th 2017
Kelly Fitzgerald
Addiction / Recovery Stories

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finding your purpose in recovery

Recovery Helped Me Find My Purpose

Carly BensonRecovery

One of the best things that came from me getting sober is that it helped me to get back in tune with myself.
July 7th 2017
Carly Benson

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addict alcoholic na aa

Attending AA Led to the Realization that I Am an Addict, Not an Alcoholic

Olivia PennelleAddiction, Recovery

When I walked into the rooms of AA, it was because of the depths that alcohol had taken me to.
June 30th 2017
Olivia Pennelle
Addiction, Recovery

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5 Reasons Cocaine is Deceptively Addictive

5 Reasons Cocaine is Deceptively Addictive

Carly BensonAddiction, Recovery

No one really ever begins using cocaine with the idea in mind that they will one day be addicted to it.
June 23rd 2017
Carly Benson
Addiction, Recovery

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Drug abuse treatment

Exploring the Link between Gaming Addiction and Drug Abuse

The Recovery VillageSubstance Abuse

In February of this year, Brian Vigneault, a 35-year-old Virginia Beach man, died of a Fentanyl overdose while playing a marathon session of a game called “World of Tanks.”
June 19th 2017
The Recovery Village
Substance Abuse

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Is Drug Addiction a Disease or Choice?

Jessie GouldAlcohol Treatment, Substance Abuse

For centuries, addiction to alcohol and drugs has been seen as a moral failing. The person addicted was viewed as lacking in willpower. But while ... Read more
June 30th 2016
Jessie Gould
Alcohol Treatment, Substance Abuse