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From Addiction to Recovery: Laura S’s Story

Kelly FitzgeraldAddiction / Recovery Stories

Growing up, I always felt like something was off. Despite having an amazing family - two wonderful parents and an older brother -- I struggled to fit in.
July 25th 2017
Kelly Fitzgerald
Addiction / Recovery Stories

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From Addiction to Recovery: Carly’s Story

Carly BensonAddiction / Recovery Stories

I moved from Dallas to Naples, Florida when I was fourteen years old. It was the biggest change of my life at the time and when I landed there I was nervous about not knowing anyone.
July 20th 2017
Carly Benson
Addiction / Recovery Stories

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From Addiction to Recovery: Olivia’s Story

Olivia PennelleAddiction, Addiction / Recovery Stories, Recovery

Just over five years ago, I was popping pills like they were candy, and drowning my misery in four bottles of wine a day.
July 5th 2017
Olivia Pennelle
Addiction, Addiction / Recovery Stories, Recovery

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the importance of self-care

Why Self-Care is Important When You’re Struggling With a Mental Illness

Christina BockischRecovery

The last time I was sick with a cold, I was adamant about working through it.
July 1st 2017
Christina Bockisch

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anxiety at work

5 Simple Ways to Manage Your Anxiety at Work

Christina BockischAddiction, Health and Medical, Recovery

I’ve had generalized anxiety disorder since I was 13, and I genuinely don’t remember a life when I wasn’t anxious about something.
June 15th 2017
Christina Bockisch
Addiction, Health and Medical, Recovery

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anxiety and drinking

How Drinking Hid My Anxiety and How I Manage It Sober

Beth LeipholtzAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders

A first-hand account of how drinking allowed one young woman to feel normal and provided an escape from the grips of anxiety.
May 1st 2017
Beth Leipholtz
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders