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cocaine socializing addiction

5 Ways Cocaine Does Not Benefit Socialization

Carly BensonAddiction

In active cocaine addiction, most users believe that using enhances the social experience. I know for me, I looked at cocaine as a necessity to my partying because I thought it fueled my ability to drink more, feel cooler and engage in more spontaneous behavior and conversation.
May 9th 2017
Carly Benson

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pills alcohol na aa sobriety date

Why We Should Celebrate All of Our Sobriety Dates

Olivia PennelleAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery

Recovery has led me to a series of realizations about the substances I continued to use. Quitting those substances are reason for celebration, too.
May 3rd 2017
Olivia Pennelle
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery

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anxiety and drinking

How Drinking Hid My Anxiety and How I Manage It Sober

Beth LeipholtzAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders

A first-hand account of how drinking allowed one young woman to feel normal and provided an escape from the grips of anxiety.
May 1st 2017
Beth Leipholtz
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders

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How to Empower Healing Instead of Enabling Addiction

The Recovery VillageSubstance Abuse, The Recovery Village

When you love an addict, it is only natural that you want to help him or her. It is a difficult situation, because addiction radiates ... Read more
April 26th 2017
The Recovery Village
Substance Abuse, The Recovery Village

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Rehabilitation center

Can Treatment for Gambling Addiction Really Work?

The Recovery VillageAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery, Rehab

Gambling is considered by most to be a socially acceptable activity, but some people are unable to control gambling behavior. Gambling is considered an addiction ... Read more
April 25th 2017
The Recovery Village
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery, Rehab

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food addiction facts

How to Tell if You Have Food Addiction

The Recovery VillageAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery

Food is not just a necessity for life, but it is also a means of social engagement and a source of pleasure. Humans use food ... Read more
April 23rd 2017
The Recovery Village
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery

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stress and alcohol abuse

7 Ways To Relieve Stress Without Using Drugs or Alcohol

The Recovery VillageAddiction, Alcohol Treatment, Sober Living, Substance Abuse

Stress is the perception that more is being demanded of you than you can comfortably handle. A tiny amount of stress can be beneficial, helping ... Read more
April 22nd 2017
The Recovery Village
Addiction, Alcohol Treatment, Sober Living, Substance Abuse

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dating during recovery

Dating During Recovery: 5 Reasons to Think Twice

The Recovery VillageSober Living

When you make the choice to enter an alcohol and drug rehab, you probably are not checking in with the goal of finding your soul ... Read more
April 17th 2017
The Recovery Village
Sober Living

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Where Does Addiction Start?

The Recovery VillageSubstance Abuse

Dr. Kevin Wandler shares the behaviors that cause individuals to use drugs and alcohol more frequently, which in turn leads to dependence in this video.
August 8th 2016
The Recovery Village
Substance Abuse