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prescription pill addiction

Pills Were My Addiction, But Recovery Means I Abstain From Alcohol Too

Lara FrazierAddiction, Recovery

I sit in his office. It is the first time I am willing to be honest, about anything. About all of it.
June 25th 2017
Lara Frazier
Addiction, Recovery

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love addiction

5 Ways I Faced My Love Addiction

Lara FrazierAddiction

I looked across the room and I saw him. He had dark hair, skinny jeans, a Radiohead tattoo, a cracked front tooth, and a gorgeous ... Read more
June 6th 2017
Lara Frazier

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Adderall pills are extremely addictive.

How I Got Addicted to Adderall in School

The Recovery VillageAddiction, Substance Abuse

It started off innocently enough. I was in college at a four-year university at the end of my first semester of junior year. Finals were ... Read more
May 26th 2017
The Recovery Village
Addiction, Substance Abuse