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Surviving, and Enjoying, When Business Keeps Calling!

Surviving, and Enjoying, When Business Keeps Calling!Allison Kreiger Walsh, JD, has the chops to answer the question: How do you stretch 24 hours a day, maximize every minute, and not lose your enjoyment in life in the process?

Staying busy while still staying balanced is a critical focus for Allison in her daily life. As Director of Business Development at The Recovery Village, her passion is put to work providing the best care possible to those seeking help for eating disorders, substance abuse, and related mental health issues. Allison’s ability to create a healthy balance between work-life and home-life is highly respected, and she shared her views on life balance at the recent national Confident Women Conference in Orlando.

Sponsored by WOAMTEC, this yearly conference helped professional business women expand their skills and knowledge during two days of power sessions and networking. Allison, as a keynote speaker at this year’s conference, shared insight and practical advice on how to create a balanced life when faced with a growing business and home obligations.

“Enjoying, and not merely surviving a very full life, requires a shift in thinking, and in personal perspective,” Allison explained. “It isn’t about shifting your priorities.” Multitasking is possible, and “workaholic” doesn’t have to be a required hat in order to achieve success. Allison’s wisdom developed through the rigors of law school, and being a former Miss Florida. Now, as a business executive, she continues to use her past lessons to keep life in balance.

Rev Up and Roar was the theme of this year’s conference. The educational sessions her heavily weighted on subjects that included branding boot camp, creating a business plan, and the fundamental of success. Allison’s lecture provided a healthy dose of the importance of keeping life in healthy perspective. Her enthusiasm for her subject is of great benefit to her colleagues at The Recovery Village, and as a role model for those in recovery. Allison’s own personal lessons includes treatment, and recovery from, and eating disorder. Finding balance and joy in life was an important part of that recovery process.

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May 8th 2014 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Events