This is the time of year when people are busy writing down the goals they want to achieve over the next 12 months. Many of those goals include living and maintaining a healthier lifestyle, finally paying off debt, and working toward a successful financial future. Some may even involve facing certain fears. Whatever the goal is, this is the time to plan and create solutions to some of the problems in everyday life. While most people refer to these goals as “resolutions,” those of us in recovery consider goal-setting a necessity in everyday decision-making to remain in recovery.

Benefits of Year-Round Resolutions

Don’t get me wrong; I love partaking in the excitement of a new year, but when it comes to resolutions, I think everyone should start treating them as year-round ways of managing life, and improving themselves. There’s a large percentage of people who give up on their pledges, all because the hype of change from the new year wore off some time in the middle of March. When you’re in recovery, you don’t get to just give up on your plans. When you give up on your goals, and you forget the reasons you started in the first place, your recovery will suffer because of it. So, although I may enjoy creating resolutions when New Year’s Day arrives, I’m constantly having to create goals year-round to help me remain in recovery, and grow into the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Recovery Requires Resolutions    

When it comes to living a life of recovery, there really is no way around having resolutions. The reason we’re in recovery is that we recognized a problem, and recovery was our solution to work toward. The things that keep us in recovery are daily work and the resolution we made when we noticed that something needed to change. Without resolutions to keep us working toward our recovery program, we would have a hard time staying on the right track. We need something positive to work toward to get in a positive place!

Reasons for Resolutions

Whether you’re in recovery or not, I’m sure there are a handful of resolutions you’re hoping to see through to the end. Resolutions are ultimately just lifestyle changes, which again, is why they play such a critical part in recovery. The reason we choose certain goals, or hope to fix certain areas, is that we all have a desire to become the best version of ourselves. Some people are just willing to sacrifice more than just in the first few months of the year.  When we can fight through the temptation of going back to our old ways, we can really open our eyes to our true potential, and given enough time, we can accomplish all that we set out to do.

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