Is My Loved One Addicted to Alcohol?

If a friend, family member or partner becomes dependent on alcohol, you may notice a variety of physical and behavioral changes in the person you love. Many of these changes may be indicative of an alcohol use disorder, and this quiz is designed to help you match the symptoms you’ve seen with the signs of alcoholism so you can guide your loved one toward treatment, if necessary. However, this quiz cannot substitute for a clinical diagnosis of an alcohol use disorder.

This Quiz Addresses: Common physical and behavioral signs of alcohol addiction.

This Quiz Does Not Address: The abuse of any prescription drugs or any illicit drug use. 

In the past 12 months, has your loved one:

Often engaged in dangerous alcohol use such as binge drinking (four or more drinks in two hours for women, five or more drinks in two hours for men)?
Tried, and failed, to stop drinking alcohol?
Frequently drank alone or in secret?
Displayed uncharacteristic mood swings, including increased aggression or irritability?
Experienced alcohol withdrawal symptoms when not drinking (e.g. excessive sweating, confusion, headaches, etc.)
Put other people in harm’s way while under the influence (e.g. driving drunk, domestic violence, unsafe sex, etc.)?
Lost or gained a significant amount of weight?
Lost interest in activities they normally enjoy?
Appeared increasingly withdrawn from you or other family members or friends?
Failed to meet expectations at school or work, or been fired from a job?
Continued to drink alcohol despite negative health effects (e.g., mental illness, physical sickness, injury, recurring blackouts, etc.)
Experienced legal issues (DUI charges, arrest, incarceration, etc.)?

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