Do I have a Personality Disorder?

Please answer “yes” or “no” for each question.

Do you have an inescapable distrust and suspiciousness of other people?
Have you experienced a pattern of detachment from social relationships?
Do you lack a desire to be in close relationships or part of a family?
Do you ever find yourself having trouble thinking or speaking?
Do you have feelings of social anxiety, even in familiar situations?
Do you have frequent feelings of irritability and aggressiveness?
Have you experienced a reckless disregard for yourself or people around you?
Have you felt chronic emptiness or loneliness?
Are you uncomfortable in situations in which you are not the center of attention?
Are you reluctant to take personal risks or engage in new activities?
Do you frequently choose solitary activities?
Do you often feel indifferent to praise or criticisms from others?

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