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Prescription Drug Jerseys Spark Serious Debate

Drug Jerseys Spark Serious DebateA California-based company is under fire for making light of an epidemic our country is facing today. Kitson LA has made designer sports jerseys with the words “Vicodin,” “Adderall,” and “Xanax” displayed on the back. The jerseys are in poor taste, according to the many who feel prescription drug abuse is no laughing matter.

Legal Action from Drug Companies

Drug companies are outraged as well, and are considering legal action against the company for using the drug names without permission. “We did not approve nor do we condone the use of our brand (Vicodin) in this manner,” an AbbVie representative told the media. “These medications treat serious health conditions and we believe they should never be trivialized.”

Glamorizing Prescription Drug Abuse

Designer Brian Lichtenberg states that his aim in creating the shirts was not to glamorize the prescription drug epidemic, but rather to get people talking about it. “These tees are not meant to encourage prescription drug abuse, but if they open the door to a much needed dialogue, as they seem to be doing now, then mission accomplished,” he said.

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem that now kills more people than all other drug abuse combined. Those who have struggled with this kind of drug abuse themselves or watched a loved one go through treatment believe strongly that promoting prescription drug abuse in any way is disrespectful and irresponsible.

The shirts are available on the company’s website and at their retail store. Also on their website, Kitson claims that it will donate a portion of proceeds to The Partnership at, however, the donation may not be accepted, according to

“The Partnership (at would not entertain any direct donation from Kitson while they flagrantly, and without remorse, continue to sell these products,” the organization said. “On behalf of the parents we work with, many of whom have lost children to prescription drug abuse and addiction, we repeat our plea to remove these shirts from Kitson’s stores and website.”

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October 28th 2013 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Substance Abuse