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Pill Mill Doctors Face Charges

Pill Mill Doctors Face ChargesAs the stories of pill mills and the doctors that prescribe the medications become public, many people are coming forward and finding help for their prescription drug addiction. Officials in cities across the country continue to investigate and shut down clinics that illegally prescribe addicting prescription painkillers.

Ever since pill mill raids were started a few years ago, doctors and their staff have been investigated, charged, and sentenced for their contribution to the raging prescription drug epidemic that has taken control of our country. Police first cracked down on drug prescribing clinics in Florida, and now cities across the country are taking a closer look at their pain clinics.

Over-prescribing Painkillers

While many pain clinics and doctors take their position very seriously and only prescribe drugs after carefully determining their patients’ needs, many others are simply getting rich off of other people’s drug addiction. Pill mill doctors may not even examine their patients, but quickly write a prescription for the painkiller the patient wants. When the patient comes back for more pills, rather than assessing the patient and screening for drug addiction, the doctor prescribes more pills.

Prescription drug addiction has turned into an epidemic in America. Overdoses from these medications are more common that with any other type of illicit drug combined, and more deaths occur as a result of prescription drug abuse than from car accidents. It is important to work together to put an end to prescription drug abuse.

Putting an End to Prescription Drug Addiction

There are different ways to curb prescription drug abuse. The first way has already been taking place, which is to arrest and charge doctors that operate pill mills. It is also necessary to more closely monitor patients who use prescription painkillers, through better regulations at clinics or doctors offices, or through a prescription drug database. Finally, anyone who suspects they or a loved one might have an addiction to prescription drugs should find professional help as soon as possible.

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December 9th 2013 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Substance Abuse