My life in helping others began as a volunteer for the Special Olympics and then at age 17 something even more. I come from a small ski resort town in the Catskill Mnts. Of upstate NY. The fire department and emergency squad in my hometown are volunteer. My Dad was a volunteer fireman and Mom on the auxilary my whole young life. At age 17 my town opened up the fire department and emergency squad to 16 year olds and women. Both my mother and I joined with our interest being the Emergency Squad. My senior year of highschool in the fall I turned 18, went to school all day and to college 2 nights a week to study to become an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). The summer of that following year I got my EMT1 and became a Red Cross CPR instructor.

Between ages 19 – 20 I moved to Arizona for a year, during that time I joined the Air Force Air National Guard, went to Air Force Basic Training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. On to technical school – Brooks AFB, School of Aerospace Medicine and became an Aeromedical Specilist (Medic). Shortly after returning to Arizona I returned back home to upstate NY. Reactivated myself on the Emergency Squad, became a Respiratory Therapy Tech & EKG Tech & CPR Instructor at Stamford Community Hospital, I was 21. In my spare time I cared for and rode horses in the mountains,played several sports in adult leagues and just sports I enjoyed.

At age 28 a life changing event happened – I was about to go back to school for Vet Medicine when I fractured my kneecap into two pieces playing softball. Vet school never happened but I had to adapt and reinvent myself between four operations and the two years I was basically laid up, since I was not going to be on my feet and running literally. I took business courses, secretarial courses, anything that would make me employable after my last operation. I went to work as an assistant to two financial advisors, within a year, we opened our own firm, I was Operations Supervisor as well as the Co-Branch Managers Assistant.. We grew.

2003 moved to Virginia with my then fiance’, went to work for a small two financial advisors investment firm. A merger happened, they didn’t want to stay with the new company. I got in touch with my (people) previous firm in NY and they put us in touch with the company’s firm in Virginia. We then opened a satellite office in Lexington, VA. I was the Operations Supervisor. In 2008 mergers began, 2009 another one and my position was eliminated nationwide. Personally I was happy it gave me the opportunity to get back to who I was before my injury…which was health and wellness and healing.

I returned to school again on a grant, graduated from college for Massage Therapy in Virginia, took my national board exam. Within a year I moved to Florida, again starting life over, reinventing myself and wanting to work with massage on a medical level where I could help people. It took some time to get where I am now. The education in my field is never ending and very varied. What I do helps people with addictions on so many levels.

Massage therapy not only helps on a physiological level by helping in flushing toxins it helps to decrease the cortisol stress hormone in the body and increase neurotransmitters as well as increase the dopamine and seritonin which have decreased significantly due to addictions of alcohol and drugs. Massage can reawaken the mind, body and spirit connection substanially improve their health in many ways. Reduce anxiety, stress, depression, improve sleep and muscle pain reduction, decrease blood pressure. Massage makes people feel safe and relaxed with a healing healthy touch of the therapist hands. I also use aromatherapy and soothing relaxing music. My goal is to give the clients a place to go for one hour, bring down their anxiety level, relax their muscles, let them sleep if they need to during the session, decrease their physical pain that they may be holding during their recovery and help reconnect with their body in a healthy, safe way. This is my goal.

Lorraine Van Hoesen
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Florida
Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) Virginia
Nationally Certified Therapeutic & Bodyworks Therapist (NCTMB)

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