If you use alcohol and drugs in any form, you are not alone.  There are millions of people worldwide that ingest some type of substance into their bodies either recreationally or as a habit. One independent research company based in the UK has been studying the preferences and behaviors of the world population as they relate to drugs for several years. Their research is now available in a document called the Global Drug Survey.

What is the Global Drug Survey?

The Global Drug Survey is an annual anonymous survey that analyzes the drug use and behavior patterns of respondents. The survey is delivered on an international level, which gives some insight into how various drugs infiltrate certain countries and cultures more than others. The survey also seeks to create and recommend resources for both harm reduction services and education programs internationally.

In 2017, the Global Drug Survey invested in a new format, which made it even more accessible to the general public. This year, the survey could be completed on a mobile device. Also, it was split into a core survey, which takes about 20 minutes to complete, and then some optional specialized topics about such things as cannabis law reform, vaping, and psychedelics.

Global Drug Survey 2017 Results

The results of the 2017 Global Drug Survey are based on responses from 115,523 respondents.  Of those, 68 percent were male, 32 percent were female, and the median age was 29.1 years. 64.8 percent of respondents were employed, 29.5 percent reported as full-time students, and 41.8 percent have a university degree or higher.

Among the most abused drugs used in the past year, respondents reported using alcohol (94.1 percent), cannabis (60 percent), cocaine (19.1 percent), MDMA (19 percent), amphetamines (12.2 percent), and prescription opiates (8.9 percent).  While its danger has been highly debated, 94.1 percent of respondents report using alcohol. One of the reasons that alcohol is so dangerous is that it is often combined with other drugs, boosting its depressant qualities or creating dangerous situations such as DUI accidents.

Of survey respondents who required emergency medical treatment in the past year due to drug use, the highest rate was among methamphetamine users. Globally, 4.8 percent of people that use meth required emergency medical care in the past year. Synthetic cannabis also sends about 3.2 percent of users straight to the emergency room. Just based on pure numbers, the biggest reason for emergency medical care due to substance abuse last year was alcohol use, at more than 100,000 instances.

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Getting Addiction Help Through an Alcohol and Drug Rehab

If alcohol and drug use is a problem in your life, it is important to understand that you are not alone. While the Global Drug Survey may point out that a lot of people are doing drugs, it also makes clear that there are some serious consequences from the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Addiction is a disease, and the best way to overcome addiction is through comprehensive treatment at an alcohol and drug rehab center.  Contact The Recovery Village to discuss your treatment options or to speak with one of our admissions specialists today.

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