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Are ED Meds Addictive?

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) medications are not opiate drugs, nor are they sedatives or stimulants. In short, they are not a drug typically described as “addictive,” yet some males use them so regularly and in such large amounts that they end up dependent upon them. Is it a problem that could impact you or someone you care about?

Porn and ED

Erectile dysfunction may be a relative term when one considers the expectations placed upon male performers in the adult film industry. It’s not comparable to the average person’s sex life, and thus, like the professional athlete, says The Fix, many in the industry are at risk of using these performance-enhancing drugs to their own detriment. Though usually “performance-enhancing drugs” among adult film actors often also include crystal meth and cocaine, drugs that allow actors to continue plying their trade for hours on end, erectile dysfunction medications fall into this category as well.

The risks of abuse of these drugs are serious. An erection that won’t go away can be the result, and after hours upon hours, it can mean damage to the penile tissue and potentially the loss of the organ completely. People who experience this usually end up in the hospital where a common treatment is to insert a syringe and drain the blood. Multiple incidents of this nature, however, can add up to an inability to get an erection at all.

ED Med Addiction?

Most patients who use erectile dysfunction medications use them as directed on an occasional basis. Addiction is unlikely; however, it can happen. Research has shown that regular use of Cialis and Viagra, two of the most popular ED prescription meds, can lead to a psychological addiction to the pills. Regular use of these drugs can also lead to a further inability to get or maintain an erection without the medication, which in turn can lead to increased use and dependence.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Though most attention is given to dependence upon prescription medications like opiate painkillers (e.g., OxyContin, Vicodin), benzodiazepines (e.g., Xanax, Valium), and stimulant drugs (e.g., Adderall), it is possible to become dependent upon performance-enhancing drugs of all kinds.

If you are, or your loved one is, struggling with managing use of erectile dysfunction medications or any other kind of prescription drug, don’t wait to get help. Contact us at The Recovery Village now and find out how we can help.  You can learn more by exploring our drug treatment guide and medical detox options.

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November 5th 2014 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Substance Abuse