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Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2014

Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EADW) will be February 24th – March 1st, 2014. Every year during this week, treatment professionals, families, and those struggling with eating disorders join together to spread the word about and work to prevent these devastating conditions.

This year’s theme is: I Had No Idea. Organizers want to stress the importance of looking for the warning signs of eating disorders, and the need for early intervention and treatment. Many individuals and families are not aware of just how dangerous these disorders are, and this year’s Awareness Week is designed to educate the public about the mental and physical consequences of eating disorders.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is held every February, and as the number of events held during this week continue to grow and expand, so does the impact of everyone’s work. Organizers at National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) estimate that after last year’s Awareness Week, over 5,000 people took their online screening test, inquiries to NEDA’s helpline increased 40%, and their website experienced the most traffic it has ever had.

Organizers last year held events in all 50 states, and the social media campaigns associated with the week reached 51 different countries. NEDA encourages treatment centers, organizations, individuals, and families to plan and carry out an event for this year’s Awareness Week. Alcohol detox Las Vegas.

Eating disorders affect millions of people each year. Many individuals are able to hide their problem from family and close friends, but eating disorders lead to a host of other issues, including malnutrition, depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, and other conditions.

The RecoveryVillage helps individuals struggling with eating disorders and behavioral health disorders. By supporting groups like NEDA, as well as sponsoring seminars and conferences, The Recovery Village is able to provide the hope of healing to many individuals suffering with eating disorders.

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February 21st 2014 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Co-occurring Disorders