Dr. Jenn Berman is one lady who has it altogether. She is a highly recognized media figure, a psychotherapist, and sports psychology consultant, author, speaker, and relationship counselor for the vh1 reality show “Couples Therapy.”

While you might be surprised to hear such a dynamic woman suffered from an eating disorder, facing this adversity has developed for Dr. Jenn a strong ability to help others.

Recovered for over 20 years, as a champion rhythmic gymnast in her youth, she struggled with an eating disorder that engulfed her life for nearly a decade.

Industries and activities that focus on maintaining a certain physique typically come with pressure to look perfect to achieve success. When a cycle of restrictive eating is reinforced with positive feedback from others, it becomes more ingrained in daily routine.

Dr. Jenn admits she put pressure on herself as well, on her appearance and competitively in her sport. At one point winning five gold medals while being noticeably underweight for the events, she realized she needed help. These steps lead her to a new way of life free of dieting, and having been recovered says she has great relationship with food and loves her body.

Her success in recovering from an eating disorder lead her to write her doctoral dissertation on how to let go of dieting as an approach which really works. As a result she has also developed a “no more diets” app which is already receiving phenomenal reviews.

As an intelligent and compelling figure, Dr. Jenn Berman has demonstrated success is not something which can be determined by a strict standard of perfectionism or maintaining a super slim figure.

Her recovery from an eating disorder was the springboard from which she was able to find meaning and accomplishment. She sets a new standard for women to work toward- having a positive relationship with food and learning to love your body.

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