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Why I’m Not Sorry About My Sobriety

Megan LawrenceHope, Recovery, Sober Living

Since the beginning of my sobriety, I have had to answer numerous questions about it, including, Why? Did you have a problem? What made you quit? So like, you’re NEVER going to drink again?
November 8th 2017
Megan Lawrence
Hope, Recovery, Sober Living

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Father's day with daddy

Miles Apart, Close at Heart: A Father’s Letter to His Children

The Recovery VillageFamily, Hope, Public Figures

When you’re young, he holds your hands so you don’t fall, teaches you to ride a bike, reads your favorite books, and helps you surprise Mommy.
June 18th 2017
The Recovery Village
Family, Hope, Public Figures

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from self-pity to public service

From Self-Pity to Public Service: A Story of Recovery and Hope

Mike CandelariaHope, Recovery, Sober Living

Despite his ‘battle within that will never end,’ recovering drug and alcohol addict Ken DeCesare is reaching out as he pulls himself up.
April 21st 2017
Mike Candelaria
Hope, Recovery, Sober Living

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Sobriety Is Not Boring: 10 Reasons Why I Love Living Sober

The Recovery VillageHope, Recovery, Sober Living

Most people find sobriety terrifying. That’s because they have no idea what to expect or they believe the countless misconceptions that plague the media and ... Read more
September 16th 2016
The Recovery Village
Hope, Recovery, Sober Living