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Inpatient rehab

Top Treatment Options for Eating Disorders

The Recovery VillageCo-occurring Disorders, Rehab

Eating disorders present numerous treatment challenges, but there is no question that they can be treated successfully. One of the biggest challenges is the simple ... Read more
May 28th 2017
The Recovery Village
Co-occurring Disorders, Rehab

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Times Square Tragedy

Times Square Tragedy: A Lesson on Addiction and Mental Health

Megan HullCo-occurring Disorders

On Thursday, May 18, 26-year-old Richard Rojas deliberately drove his maroon Honda Accord through three blocks of a Times Square sidewalk, injuring 20 people and ... Read more
May 27th 2017
Megan Hull
Co-occurring Disorders

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why I speak up about my depression

Why I Speak Up About My Depression

Olivia PennelleCo-occurring Disorders

Olivia, a sufferer of both the disease of addiction and long-standing mental illness, is passionate about creating awareness by sharing her experiences.
May 8th 2017
Olivia Pennelle
Co-occurring Disorders

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pills alcohol na aa sobriety date

Why We Should Celebrate All of Our Sobriety Dates

Olivia PennelleAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery

Recovery has led me to a series of realizations about the substances I continued to use. Quitting those substances are reason for celebration, too.
May 3rd 2017
Olivia Pennelle
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery

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anxiety and drinking

How Drinking Hid My Anxiety and How I Manage It Sober

Beth LeipholtzAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders

A first-hand account of how drinking allowed one young woman to feel normal and provided an escape from the grips of anxiety.
May 1st 2017
Beth Leipholtz
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders

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Rehabilitation center

Can Treatment for Gambling Addiction Really Work?

The Recovery VillageAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery, Rehab

Gambling is considered by most to be a socially acceptable activity, but some people are unable to control gambling behavior. Gambling is considered an addiction ... Read more
April 25th 2017
The Recovery Village
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery, Rehab

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food addiction facts

How to Tell if You Have Food Addiction

The Recovery VillageAddiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery

Food is not just a necessity for life, but it is also a means of social engagement and a source of pleasure. Humans use food ... Read more
April 23rd 2017
The Recovery Village
Addiction, Co-occurring Disorders, Recovery

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why veternarians are looking to prescreen pet owners for substance abuse

Why pet owners might be vetted for substance abuse

Liz LazzaraCo-occurring Disorders, Substance Abuse, The Recovery Village

Now more than ever, people are misusing and abusing prescription drugs — the numbers have been climbing for the past fifteen years. Often people assume that ... Read more

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Drunkorexia: An alarming trend sweeping college campuses

Lindsey HallAlcohol Treatment, Co-occurring Disorders

Drunkorexia—it’s a term that sounds like a joke, but is a growing behavioral trend on college campuses and well into adulthood. Referred to as “the ... Read more
September 20th 2016
Lindsey Hall
Alcohol Treatment, Co-occurring Disorders

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How Parents Unknowingly Influence a Young Girl’s Body Image

The Recovery VillageCo-occurring Disorders

With the turn of the new century, American girls can look forward to creating self-directed lives that were unimagined in past generations. Social, academic and ... Read more
July 7th 2014
The Recovery Village
Co-occurring Disorders