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Candace Cameron Reveals Her Battle with an Eating Disorder

Candace Cameron Reveals Her Battle with an Eating DisorderMany people turn to food for comfort when dealing with stressful situations in life. As Candace Cameron Bure transitioned from Full House to an empty house in a new country, with a new husband, away from family and friends, and trying to keep her career intact, food became her solace. Bulimia became her eating disorder.

For those who choose a career in acting, the pressures of being thin and beautiful are plentiful, which often leads to one type of eating disorder or another. Fortunately Cameron Bure was surrounded with a wall of protection during her years of playing chubby D.J. Tanner on Full House.

In a recent interview with Omg! Insider, Cameron Bure stated:

I think I was very protected by my parents and even the producers. They all had a sensitivity about it. The producers were parents themselves. I don’t think any of them wanted to see that happen to their child, so I was protected. Even the one episode of ‘Full House’ where D.J. goes on a crash diet for a few days … they asked me would I feel comfortable doing an episode about that.”

Finding Hope

Leaving her support group and the stage-life she knew for so many years to start a new life that included a multitude of changes all at once proved to be too much for the now grown up, child-star. Cameron Bure is very candid about her struggle with bulimia; “I turned to food for comfort and had to find a different source, because clearly it wasn’t a healthy way to deal with things.

Acknowledging her dependence on food and determined to overcome her eating disorder, Candace Cameron Bure found strength in her relationship with God. Drug and alcohol drug detox in Las Vegas.

“So that’s really when my faith was kicked up a notch and I sought comfort in my relationship with God, and not with food.”

Read All About It

Candace Cameron Bure openly discusses her battle with the eating disorder bulimia in her first book, Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness. Her new memoir, Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose, discusses balancing the roles of wife, mother, and actress successfully.

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