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Can You Force Your Addicted Loved One Into Treatment?

tab01Is it possible to make someone you love enroll in a drug rehab program if it’s clear to everyone that it is necessary but he still doesn’t want to go? The short answer is “no.” In most states, unless your loved one is a demonstrable potential harm to himself or others, you won’t be able to convince a court of law that your loved one should be enrolled in treatment against his will.

But can you convince your family member that drug rehab is the best choice for him? Can you create firm boundaries that may encourage him to choose treatment rather than continue living in addiction? The answer to those questions is a resounding “yes.” You can – and should – set boundaries and offer treatment as the only way forward for your loved one. The best way to do that? Staging an intervention.


If you’ve asked nicely – and not so nicely – that your addicted family member stop hurting himself and enroll in a treatment program that will help him overcome addiction and he has repeatedly refused, then staging an intervention should be your last-ditch effort to help him agree to begin the healing process.

The first step is to prepare. Because it is not an impromptu meeting, it is important to gather together everyone who will take part and hold a planning meeting. Here, everyone can get on the same page, determine where and when to hold the intervention, and figure out what they’re going to say and in what order.

Professional Interventionist

Though it is not a requirement for a successful intervention, a professional interventionist can be hired to hold the planning meeting and stage the intervention. The benefit of experience can be helpful, plus the industry professional can add an air of formality that may help your addicted loved one to take the intervention more seriously. Additionally, the interventionist can help everyone to stay on track and focused on the goal when emotions run high.

Choosing a Rehab in Advance

The goal of an intervention is for your loved one to accept the offer of treatment and leave right away. The best way to ensure that there is a spot for your addicted loved one on that day should he agree to accept help is to enroll him in a treatment program that is right for his needs prior to the intervention.

Contact us at The Recovery Village today to secure a spot for your family member in our program before staging your intervention. Call now for assistance.

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September 7th 2014 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Rehab