‘Tis the season for merriment and cheer, but sometimes stress can get the best us of during this time of year. Family gatherings can be nerve-wracking. The extra hustle and bustle everywhere you go can be exhausting. And maybe the endless echo of Christmas songs is just too much. The chaotic hubbub of the holidays can be enough to make almost anyone turn to the bottle, even those who rarely drink. But there’s a line between drinking to relax and drinking to disconnect. One or two drinks can be enough to calm you down, but if you find yourself imbibing more than that, you could teeter too close to binge drinking. And no matter how hectic your holiday is, binge drinking is never a remedy you should seek.

Binge Drinking Brings Everyone Down

The truth is, more alcohol doesn’t equate to fewer problems. Alcohol in excess doesn’t fix anything; binge drinking only makes everything worse. It can wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing in irreparable ways (think nerve damage, cardiovascular disease and overdose). But this habit hurts more than just you. On a national scale, binge drinking costs Americans big time. It’s to blame for soaring health care costs, months upon months of lost workplace productivity, and worst of all, preventable deaths every 51 minutes.  

Binge drinking isn’t worth it. Not for you, not for your concerned friends and family members, and not for your country. It might take the edge off your emotions for a little while, but at what cost? Binge drinking might put a temporary haze over your holidays, but the consequences of this habit last far longer than your hangover. The infographic below offers insight into the real burden of binge drinking — during the holidays and all year round.

 Binge drinking might put a temporary haze over your holidays, but the consequences of this habit last far longer than your hangover.

Find Life Beyond Binge Drinking

Has your binge drinking gotten out of hand? Wish you could put the bottle down for good but can’t seem to let it go? Before you take measures to stop cold turkey, think again: at-home detoxing can be life-threatening. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) go it alone — help is never out of reach. With the right alcohol rehab, you can be on the path to sobriety sooner than you think. The Recovery Village offers medically assisted detox programs to cleanse your body of drugs or alcohol, and follow-up programs like residential care to cultivate physical, mental and emotional healing. And with drug and alcohol rehab centers across the nation, you may be able to get into treatment quickly at a facility near you.  

If you want to stop binge drinking, it may be best to seek professional care. Call The Recovery Village today at 352.771.2700 to speak with someone who can listen to your concerns, answer your questions about addiction and treatment, and recommend a program that suits your needs. Calling is free and completely confidential, and you aren’t obligated to commit to treatment. You can recover from binge drinking. Reach out today to learn how.

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There’s Nothing Holly Jolly About Binge Drinking
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