Opiate Addiction Related Topics

Opioids and their natural counterparts, opiates, are widespread across the United States. Understanding how drugs like prescription opioids or illicit substances affect the body is the first step to recovery. Select from the list of related topics below to learn more about opiate addiction.

Opiate Related Topics

10 ways to get off opiatesLearn more about treatment options for opiates misuse, their pros and cons, and which ones are the most effective.in leading to long-term sobriety.
Narcan: the opiate overdose antidoteNarcan is being praised as the opiate overdose antidote, but what exactly is naloxone and what effects does it have on the body?
Probuphine: A new way to treat opiate addictionThere is a new drug on the market —Probuphine —could be the answer for those with an opioid use disorder. But is the implant device right for you?
Opiate addiction & family support: how to help a loved oneOpiate addictions can be devastating, but there's a way out. Here are a few tips to help you help your loved one struggling with an opiate addiction.
How to pick the best opiate rehab centerMaking the decision to get help isn't easy, but neither is choosing how to get help. Here are a few tips to help you pick the best opiate rehab center.
Opiate BlockersOpiate blockers are the most effective forms of addiction treatment. If you’re struggling with opiate addiction, contact The Recovery Village.
Opiate HotlineAn opiate hotline provides struggling addicts and the people who love them with free and confidential opiate addiction help. The Recovery Village’s 24/7 opiate hotline
How Opiates Affect Your BrainOpiates can change your brain function in just a few weeks. It takes a long time to recover because the brain continues to show the effects of the drug.
How Opiates Affect the Nervous SystemOpiates affect the nervous system in three groups: levels of consciousness, thought process and cognition and the activity of neurons.
Is It Safe to Take Opiates While Pregnant?There are numerous risks to taking opiates or opioids while pregnant, and most of the dangers fall on the fetus before or after birth.
Opiate Addiction Related Topics
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