Frequently Asked Questions About Naltrexone Addiction

As it is not a very well-known substance, people generally have a lot of questions about naltrexone and its use. Common inquiries include, “Is naltrexone a narcotic?” and “How does naltrexone work?” Other people ask, “Is naltrexone addictive?” and “How does naltrexone help treat alcoholism?” Naltrexone goes by the brand names ReVia and Vivitrol. As opioid antagonists, these drugs block the high associated with opioids (e.g., heroin, codeine, oxycontin) or alcohol.

Proving useful in rehab aftercare programs, naltrexone reduces drug-related cravings and helps people abstain from opioids and alcohol. In its pill or injectable forms, naltrexone may be incorporated into drug and alcohol addiction aftercare programming as a measure to avoid setbacks and stay sober for longer. Whether or not this drug will be included in aftercare programming depends on the facility and the client’s needs.

If you have questions about naltrexone and its uses, the below topics may offer some clarity. Don’t see your question listed? To find out more about naltrexone, or if you’re struggling with a substance use disorder involving opioids or alcohol, call The Recovery Village at 352.771.2700. Associates are always available to answer questions about drug use, addiction and treatment options near you. Calling is toll-free, completely confidential and there is no pressure to commit to a treatment program.