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For managing severe pain that requires long-term, daily, and around-the-clock treatment, patients who have not seen relief with other medications are sometimes prescribed MS Contin – a strong extended-release drug containing morphine sulfate.

Morphine sulfate is an opioid and, as such, has a high potential for abuse or addiction by the person for whom it was prescribed. If not carefully managed, the user can build up a tolerance to the drug and the sensation of pain can once again increase. Sometimes the user the attempts to self-regulate their pain management by taking dosages of the drug other than prescribed. Taking the drug more frequently or taking more pills at one time is how the body builds up a further tolerance and then more of the drug is needed to achieve relief. This dependency then turns into an addiction for the user.

MS Contin can also be found as a street drug where individuals seek it out for its “high” or euphoric effects. It is usually tampered with prior to ingestion – most often crushed then either inhaled or mixed with water to be injected.

Because MS Contin is a time-release drug, it only should be swallowed whole, as altering it can cause an enhancement of the drug’s time release component resulting in a rush of morphine to the user. This rush of the drug can bring on overdose or death. In addition, talc is used in the makeup of MS Contin and its ingestion acts on the body by producing tissue necrosis, heart valve injury, and pulmonary granulomas.

As with all opioids, withdrawing from MS Contin use should not be sudden as serious withdrawal symptoms can arise. Instead, tapering off the drug with the assistance of professionals who can help manage the process is highly suggested.

MS Contin misuse can be seriously problematic. If you need to learn more about this drug and what can be done to stop the misuse, check out our related topics or contact The Recovery Village via our toll-free hotline.

MS Contin Related Topics

What You Need to Know About Taking MS Contin While PregnantIf you are pregnant or are considering becoming pregnant and have questions regarding the safety of using MS Contin during pregnancy, set up a meeting with your doctor to discuss your options. In most cases, this medication is not recommended for use by pregnant women. However, some pregnant women may be approved to use MS Contin for their pain if the benefits outweigh the risks to the fetus.