Meth Addiction Related Topics

Meth addiction is a complicated condition with numerous physical and mental aspects. If you’re interested in learning more about treatment for this type of addiction or have questions on the types of meth or how it’s made, you can search by topic here. Need immediate help? Call The Recovery Village crystal meth hotline for yourself or a loved one today.

Meth Related Topics

Difference Between Crack and MethThe following provides an overview of both meth and crack separately, and also highlights the difference between meth and crack.
Meth Laced Weed SymptomsOne area of concern people have specifically involves meth and weed, and meth-laced weed symptoms.
Dangers of Mixing Heroin and MethUnfortunately, both heroin and meth are incredibly addictive and dangerous when taken separately, making the dangers of mixing them far greater
Dangers of Meth Cutting AgentsThe methamphetamine purchased on today’s streets is not only dangerous in of itself, but often contains additives that make it even more harmful to the body. By the time the drug reaches an individual, it has probably passed through many hands –beginning with the manufacturer and through any number of dealers.
Dangers of Shooting Meth | Injecting MethMethamphetamine, a stimulant drug with some limited therapeutic use, has now become a highly addictive street drug. While it has been used to treat ADHD, most meth is illegally produced in small labs and sold on the street as a recreational drug.
Meth Addiction Self-Assessment QuizThe conclusion of this self-assessment may be used as a guide to assist you in distinguishing problematic drug misuse, identifying the signs and symptoms of a use disorder, and finding substance use disorder treatment, if applicable.