How Long Does Crystal Meth Stay in Your System?

Crystal Methamphetamine is an illegal, human-made drug that goes by crystal meth or just meth. Crystal meth represents only one form of the drug methamphetamine, which is a crystalline drug that can be taken by smoking it, snorting it, or injecting it via a needle. Some people may even take it by mouth.
Crystal meth shards
Meth is taken by people to create a sense of happiness, euphoria, and confidence. It can also give a boost of energy, and it reduces the appetite of the individual who takes it. The feelings of being high when taking meth usually last for six to eight hours, but they may last for as long as 24 hours. This illegal street drug is similar in some ways to substances like cocaine, and it goes by street names including not just meth, but also crank and speed. This potent stimulant is associated with a lot of far-reaching health consequences. Some of these can include damage to the brain and heart, aggressive behavior, memory loss and more. When someone takes meth, it starts to use all of the body’s resources, and then a physical dependence often occurs quickly. A lot of users will become addicted to the drug after only using it one time. Methamphatime works on the brain by increasing the amount of dopamine it produces.
With this stimulant drug, there is the potential for an overdose that can occur suddenly, or over the long-term. A sudden overdose is called acute, and it can happen when someone takes too much of the drug at one time. With a long-term overdose, which is referred to as a chronic methamphetamine overdose, there are health effects that occur in frequent, regular users of the drug. Symptoms of taking too much meth can include chest pain, heart attack, difficulty breathing, raised body temperature and paranoia. The use of methamphetamine can also lead to something called stimulant psychosis, which is essentially a psychotic break.
When people want to stop using meth, they may wonder how long it stays in their system. This is important to know because it can impact the amount of time you spend detoxing from its use, and it will indicate when you can start to expect withdrawal symptoms to begin. People may also wonder how long meth stays in their system if they are concerned about the potential for an overdose, or if they’re going to have to take a drug test. The half-life of meth is relatively long, and it can range from 10 to 12 hours for most people. That means within anywhere from 10 to 12 hours, 50% of the drug you took would be cleared from your system. Based on the half-life, the drug may show up in a user’s system for nearly three days following their most recent use of the drug. How you take the drug plays a significant role in its half-life and how long it stays in your system. For example, if you were to take it intravenously, the half-life is usually more than 11 hours. If you were to smoke it or snort it, the half-life would be slightly shorter. If you smoke it, you can expect elimination from your system in about 2 ½ days, which is faster than what intravenous users would likely experience. If you take other drugs or alcohol along with methamphetamine, it is likely going to take longer for the drug to be eliminated from your system. Also, the more frequently you use meth, the longer it may take to clear it from your system. For example, if you’re a long-term user, your body might adapt to its presence, which would make it harder to get rid of. Unlike many drugs, most researchers and medical professionals don’t believe there’s a connection between the dosage a person takes and how long it will take to excrete it fully from the body, but taking higher doses can lead to an accumulation in the body. With more accumulation, it could take longer to eliminate it all. A few things to remember include:
  • The longer you use meth, the longer you’ll have positive tests
  • Your age affects metabolism, which in turn plays a role in how long it takes you to detox. If you’re younger, meth will clear from your system more quickly than it would in an older person.
  • People who have better overall health tend to detox from methamphetamine more quickly.
With saliva tests, meth usage will generate a positive result within 5 to 10 minutes after ingesting the drug. The testing window for a positive result after taking methamphetamine with a saliva test is usually up to three days. With hair tests, it takes about seven days for a positive result after taking meth, but the testing window is often up to 90 days. For urine tests, after about 2-5 hours post-injection, results will show up as positive. Urine tests can detect methamphetamines for anywhere from 3-5 days after the last use. Some of the specific reasons a person might be tested for meth include for athletic events, because in sports athletes are regularly tested for methamphetamine and other substances. Many employers may conduct drug testing, and there are also rehab programs that require regular drug testing. Most rehab facilities will use urine testing, but in some cases, hair testing may be done.
How Long Does Crystal Meth Stay in Your System
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