Postpartum depression affects many new mothers. Women who have postpartum depression usually experience extreme feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, sadness, a loss of energy and other symptoms after giving birth. The condition could develop days or months after childbirth and can negatively impact the mother and her baby.

Women with postpartum depression may abuse substances to manage their symptoms, but drug and alcohol abuse can hinder diagnosis and treatment. If you’re wondering whether you have postpartum depression, you aren’t alone, and treatment options may be able to help.

Assessing Your Risk of Postpartum Depression

If you’ve just had a baby and worry that you’ve developed postpartum depression, taking a self-assessment can help. Our free, confidential quiz can empower you to identify your symptoms and see if they match with those of postpartum depression.

However, a quiz is not an official diagnosis. Only a medical professional can diagnose postpartum depression accurately. You can use the results of an assessment to have a discussion with your doctor or therapist about postpartum depression.