Paranoid personality disorder is one of 10 diagnosable personality disorders. Personality disorders are often misunderstood. When someone has a personality disorder, it may be difficult for them to recognize their own symptoms. Instead, they may believe the problems they experience are the fault of someone else or some specific situation.

Paranoid personality disorder is one of these disorders, which falls into the cluster A grouping of disorders. Cluster A personality disorders are characterized by eccentric or odd ways of thinking and behaving.

Specifically, paranoid personality disorder includes symptoms such as extreme distrust and suspicion of others. The sense of suspicion isn’t warranted or based on actual events.

Paranoid Personality Disorder FAQs

To learn more about paranoid personality disorder including what it is, what causes it and what the signs and symptoms are, explore our paranoid personality disorder FAQs. Find answers and resources related to paranoid personality disorder using the search feature below.

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