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Frequently used for the treatment of depression, Ludiomil is an oral tetracyclic (TeCA) drug. Medical providers commonly prescribe this drug for conditions of depression associated with anxiety or agitation – such as bipolar disorder. Ludiomil (also called maprotiline when sold as a generic) is also prescribed for conditions such as neuropathic pain, insomnia, tension, and panic disorder. Ludiomil works for the user by increasing naturally-formed chemical substances in their brain that help regulate a positive mood.

For some users, particular cautions are in place. These include people with schizophrenia (psychotic conditions may worsen), bipolar disorder (increased onset of manic phase may occur), and adolescents (increased risk of suicidal thoughts may happen).

Ludiomil has a large list of drugs that it negatively interacts with and if use is suddenly stopped, there are many side effects that can manifest. Some of the more pronounced side effects of Ludiomil use are mania, insomnia, agitation, depression, and anxiety.

This drug is non-addictive, though it can be habit forming. This is usually seen when a psychological addiction forms (as opposed to a physical addiction) based on the user’s choice to suddenly stop taking the medication – setting off the series of side effects. It also can happen if a person chooses to self-regulate their dosages (usually upping the dose or taking it more frequently) to attain a better sense of well-being.

Reliance on using Ludiomil or problems attempting to discontinue its use can be difficult but help to break this cycle is available. To learn more, check out the related topics provided or contact a representative at The Recovery Village to learn about options for recovery.

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