Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma is a unique destination known for its lovely Washington location. The Puget Sound city has a lot of opportunities available, but the truth is that no level of opportunity is great enough to fight back against the drug epidemic facing the nation. Tacoma is no exception to the drug problems sweeping the country.

If you are looking for local drug testing facilities, Tacoma is a great place to begin your search. The city offers many professional services that can help you keep your workplace or family safe.

If you suspect a family member may have a substance use disorder and ask that person to submit to a drug test, you may face some opposition to the idea. If that is the case, your loved one may be suffering from substance abuse already. All is not lost, however. Rest assured that there are many substance abuse treatment programs in Tacoma and surrounding areas to help your family handle this crisis.

This guide will help you find local drug testing centers based on your needs. If you are considering drug testing services, this guide will point you in the right direction for help.

Tacoma Drug Testing Centers

When you search for drug testing facilities, Tacoma will present many options. With so many different types of tests at your disposal, you should take some time to figure out which option works best based on your needs.

Drug testing centers focus on several factors, including the types of drugs they test for and the types of specimens they collect. The five-panel drug test is used to look for the most common types of drugs, including cocaine, opiates, marijuana, PCP, and amphetamines.

Tacoma drug testing centers may administer additional tests based on your needs and wishes. For instance, the centers can focus on looking for alcohol or benzodiazepines. Depending on the strength and type of test, you can decide which drug testing facility to use in Tacoma.

Commonly collected specimens include:

  • Urine – There is a reason urine is so widely used for drug testing purposes. Urine contains metabolites, which allow you to determine which drugs have been used and are being excreted from the body. Drugs and alcohol both show up in urine.
  • Saliva – Saliva is commonly collected because it provides a quick, non-invasive way to test for drugs. Saliva tests only a brief period of time of drug use.
  • Blood – While blood testing is highly effective and accurate, it is also not used as often as other methods. The reason for this is the high cost of testing and the invasive nature of collecting blood.
  • Hair – When you ingest substances, your body processes them before releasing metabolites. Your hair acts as a natural filter for different substances, including metabolites. For this reason, hair testing provides a strong record of drug use.
  • Sweat – Sweat testing requires you to affix a patch to your skin for two weeks. The patch can detect different substances. This method is often used as part of probation and parole sentences.

Drug testing centers that are reliable will have some common characteristics:

  • Accuracy – Testing results should always be accurate. You can check for a testing center’s accuracy by ensuring they are certified through the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Privacy – Drug testing facilities must maintain a sense of confidentiality about results to ensure that results never reach unauthorized individuals.
  • Speedy – Time is often a critical factor involved in test results, especially for work, sports, and school. Facilities should strive to deliver results efficiently.
  • Experience – Professional behavior is an expectation for all drug testing professionals. Experienced professionals will provide you with the best services when you request treatment.

If you are seeking drug testing services in Tacoma, you may be facing one of these scenarios:

  • Pre-Employment – You are considering hiring an employee but want to administer a drug test first.
  • Reasonable Suspicion – Individuals who show signs they are not fit to work may be tested by employers. You might have had an accident in the workplace you suspect may have been influenced by drugs.
  • Post-Treatment – You may have had an employee attend a rehabilitation program and want to verify that he or she is no longer using substances.
  • Probation or Parole – Individuals facing legal consequences may be required to pass regular drug tests to avoid jail.
  • Sports – Collegiate and professional athletes are often required to pass regular tests in order to participate.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When you search the web for drug testing centers in Tacoma, you will find plenty of reliable options. Whether you are an individual testing a loved one or an employer in need of professional services, you can find trustworthy testing available at an excellent price.

Drug testing facilities can also be found when you:

  • Ask your doctor for recommendations in your area.
  • Google “Tacoma drug testing centers” to read online reviews about local services.
  • Ask for personal recommendations from friends, family members, and other individuals who may have worked with drug testing facilities in a professional capacity.

Finally, do not be afraid to call The Recovery Village to learn more from hotline representatives who are ready to help. In providing a full spectrum of facilities and care options, The Recovery Village has something to offer everybody looking for help.