Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Spokane, Washington

Substance abuse is dangerous, and Spokane is not immune to the deadly nature of addiction. Drug and alcohol abuse is often linked to car accidents, workplace accidents, and accidental overdose. All of these incidents are potentially fatal.

Additionally, addiction and substance abuse are also linked to lack of productivity. Knowing this, it makes sense that many employers are concerned with whether or not their employees are using drugs in the workplace.

Families, too, are often in need of a drug testing facility. If you suspect one of your family members is abusing drugs, getting a drug test done will help your family know how to proceed. Positive results on a drug test may indicate the need for treatment in a drug or alcohol rehab center. On the other hand, a negative test result can give you peace of mind.

When you look for drug testing facilities, Spokane professionals are ready to help you. Hotline representatives are ready to help you find a facility that meets your needs. This guide will help you better understand the need for drug testing and point you in the direction of local facilities that provide the needed services.

Spokane Drug Testing Centers

When you are looking for local drug testing facilities, Spokane will have many options available. You may need to narrow down your options based on which designations you want to make when you test. Not sure what you need? Here are some pointers.

You need to consider several factors when you select Spokane drug testing centers, but you also need to first ask yourself why you are testing. You might be an employer concerned about some happenings in your workplace, or you might be a concerned family member testing a loved one. Once you know why you are testing, you can determine for which substance you might want to test.

Spokane drug testing centers can test for a wide variety of substances, but certain tests are more common than others. Your choice will depend on workplace regulations or the type of substance you suspect your loved one of using.

The five-panel drug test is the most common type of test. It allows lab technicians to look for the five most common types of drugs including marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, opiates, and cocaine. Other tests can look for alcohol.

Next, you must consider which specimen you wish to be collected. Each specimen comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, so the specimen you choose is based on the reason for testing.

Collected specimens include:

  • Urine – Urine is the most common type of specimen collected because it is so easy to obtain. The process is quick, cheap, and non-invasive. Individuals may opt to collect urine when the test is in the workplace because many of these locations are well-suited for collection and sending samples to a lab. Urine provides an accurate assessment of past drug use for a limited period.
  • Saliva – Spokane drug testing centers may use saliva in some cases, but it does not necessarily provide the biggest window of information. The good news is that this method of specimen collection is easy and cheap.
  • Blood – While blood is invasive and expensive to collect, this specimen does provide an extremely accurate history of drug use in the recent past. Blood is taken in selective situations.
  • Hair – Hair provides the longest history of drug use, often to about 90 days. Unfortunately, hair can be expensive to process. For this reason, workplaces often use urine instead. For legal issues, hair may provide the most useful information.
  • Sweat – Wearing a patch is the most successful way to collect sweat for drug testing purposes. Sweat has been somewhat experimental as a collection method for drug testing, but it can be highly effective for individuals on probation or parole.
  • Breath – Breath tests are commonly administered by police officers to look for signs of alcohol. After accidents and other conditions, breath tests may be used for this purpose.

Excellent drug testing centers have several key characteristics. These include:

  • Accuracy
  • Privacy
  • Experience
  • Speed

Drug testing is crucial for many reasons. In fact, millions of drug tests are performed each year. Here are some of the most common circumstances requiring a drug test:

  • Workplace – Employers may screen as part of the pre-employment process, but they may also test after an accident or based on reasonable suspicion of drug use. In some cases, employers participate in random drug testing selection.
  • Athletics – Sports teams often test athletes for substances, like steroids, which may enhance their performance.
  • Return-to-Duty – Employees who have tested positive for drugs in the past may be required to take a test before coming in to work.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

If you are looking for nearby drug testing facilities, you will benefit from knowing how to search. Here is how to find excellent drug testing facilities in Spokane:

  • Google – Google “drug testing facilities Spokane” to find local resources.
  • Doctor – Your physician may provide additional information about trusted resources in your area.
  • The Recovery Village – Call The Recovery Village to learn about local drug testing centers in your region. Representatives can help you find qualified professionals.

If you are looking for high-quality drug testing facilities, Spokane representatives are standing by to help. Call today to learn more about drug testing options.