Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Renton, Washington

It is easy to forget that not so long ago, it was difficult to secure a drug test, even if you were a member of law enforcement or seeking the information for a criminal case. However, as the need for everything from liability protection from car accidents to the screening of employees who operate heavy machines to legal requests for drug tests have become more pressing, the drug test has become a part of daily life.

This change in frequency with which drug testing is ordered has given rise to a need for drug testing facilities in many areas, including Renton, Washington.

Whether you are an employer looking for a facility for testing of your employees or a concerned family member who suspects that a loved one is in need of a substance abuse treatment program in Renton, a drug testing facility in the area can help you make wise decisions about next steps. When you are looking for a testing facility, however, it makes sense to learn a bit about drug testing. This guide provides some pointers for what you should know.

Renton Drug Testing Centers

To begin, you should understand how a drug test functions, in a broad sense, at the drug testing facility itself. Before a person to be tested arrives, the lab is contacted and given the medical history of the person they are testing. This is to limit false positives from legitimate medication, diet, and other factors. The lab will be told how many “panels” the test will have. Each panel is a test for a different drug. There are no universal drug tests, so if somebody consumes a drug on a regular basis for which a panel is not ordered, that drug will not appear in results.

The lab will likely have informed you beforehand of the specimen they will collect, and you will fill out a consent form stating what specimen will be collected and in what amounts. Urine and blood are the most commonly tested specimens, but perspiration, saliva, and hair can also be tested. What specimen is tested will depend on both the panels of the test, as some drugs are easier to detect in certain specimens, and how much of a “track record” the test needs to collect. Hair, for example, can retain some signs of drugs for months.

The tests, however, do not look for drugs themselves. Instead, they are testing for the chemicals that drugs turn into in your body, called metabolites. This makes an accurate medical history extremely important, as some medications may raise the level of certain metabolites in your body. Once the metabolites are checked, the results are put on file.

People have drug tests for a variety of reasons, including:

  • As part of a job pre-screening
  • As part of an employer-sponsored wellness program
  • As part of the requirement to play sports
  • As part of an accident investigation at work or with law enforcement
  • As a condition of parole
  • At the request of a concerned family member


Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

In order to secure an effective, clear drug test, anybody looking for one should consider four factors.

  1. First, how experienced is the lab and its technicians? How long has the lab been open and how long have the technicians been working in this area? Drug testing can be difficult and tests can be hard to read; experience makes the difference.
  2. Is it accurate? Does the lab have any false positives, and does it warn you of potential concerns? Inaccuracies are of paramount concern because they open the door to personal distress, legal liability, and personal recrimination.
  3. Is it private? Ask how your records are handled, who handles them, and when and if you can get access to your result. Any lab worth using will be fully aware of the gravity of the materials they handle and act accordingly, and will have a privacy policy they can walk you through. This is also true of consent forms, as there are few situations where a person can have a specimen taken involuntarily.
  4. Finally, how quick are they? Whether you want to get employees to work or simply confirm a point of concern, speed is crucial and turning around tests should be part of their offering.

When looking for a facility, you will certainly have no lack of options if you check online, as demand for drug testing keeps rising and sees more and more labs open. If you want to speak with a facility directly, you can schedule an appointment through them, although you may want to discuss who will handle your records.

Your insurer may also have several drug labs that they prefer you work through, which will help financially. If you have a family doctor or a substance abuse counselor, he or she can refer you to a lab with a good reputation in your area.

You can also call The Recovery Village to locate drug testing facilities and explore addiction treatment options if needed. A drug testing facility can offer peace of mind, whether you are an employer or concerned family member. Reach out today to find facilities in the Renton area.