Finding an Interventionist in Lakewood, Washington

If you are considering an intervention, you may be worried about a close loved one. You may notice physical and emotional changes in a loved one that disturb you. The reality is that an intervention may be the only way you can reach out to somebody you care about deeply.

Lakewood intervention counselors are ready to help you figure out the next steps. When you are unsure about how to care for a loved one, a counselor can help you determine what you need to do next.

Intervention is often most effective when it includes family members taking a solid role. Everybody needs to participate when they decide to sit in the room and be a part of the process. You must decide to actively engage with your loved one to encourage him or her to enter into a structured substance abuse treatment program in Lakewood to get the needed help.

One of the first steps to finding great intervention counselors in Lakewood is to determine which substance your loved one uses. The signs your loved one is exhibiting will be the first notice you have that something is wrong. You may need to relay this information to the counselor you find.

Addiction intervention can be a very personal experience for everybody involved. You must pay close attention to the traits you see in a potential interventionist. Lakewood professionals will range in terms of personality, style, and experience. Make sure the interventionist you select is a good fit for your family and most importantly, for the loved one about whom you are concerned.

Drug interventionists often hold interviews with their clients ahead of time. The counselor will ask you about your loved one’s history of substance use in addition to the traits he or she exhibits. The questions your counselor asks will help him or her glean a better idea of the role of substances in your loved one’s life.

During this interview, you might have some questions of your own. Make sure to ask questions like these before choosing a Lakewood drug intervention counselor:

  • With what kind of addiction do you work?
  • What is your preferred model of intervention?
  • How should family members and friends prepare for intervention?
  • Who should be involved in the intervention?
  • What happens after the intervention?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can have a better idea of your counselor’s style. As a result, you will select a professional with whom you feel comfortable working.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Lakewood, WA

Changing the way a family thinks is critical to the success of an intervention. For instance, the family needs to avoid behaviors that are enabling or co-dependent. If you are not sure how to do this, you can talk to the interventionist. Lakewood professionals can also point you toward other therapists who can manage family issues.

Many families struggle to address drug abuse and the factors that lead to it. Therapy with a professional can help you analyze your current situation and make better decisions in the future.

Lakewood, WA Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Intervention counselors in Lakewood follow a series of steps. Your process will look similar to this:

Phase I: Consultation

The consultation involves identifying the contributing issues to addiction. Contributing issues may include factors like genetics, childhood trauma, abuse, and motivation. Individuals who receive treatment may learn how to contend with these issues.

Intervention works when each individual strives to get on the same page. Each person needs to sit down and express themselves. They also need to express their bottom line and boundaries to the individual targeted by the intervention.

Phase II: Education

Intervention is about much more than convincing somebody to come to treatment. The process requires family members to better understand the contributing factors to addiction. Family members and friends also need to learn how to set hard boundaries.

Phase III: Intervention

The intervention counselor will want to work quickly on starting the intervention. A Lakewood drug intervention is most successful when it happens quickly. Your loved one needs to make a decision now. Every day without a commitment to recovery is another day feeling comfortable with addiction.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol intervention is one of the most common types of interventions available. One of the key factors involved in alcohol intervention is the focus on behavior rather than on the amount of alcohol one consumes.

Fortunately, you have many ways to find an excellent interventionist in your area:

  • Call your insurance company. Insurance companies may be able to point you toward therapists and treatment centers covered by your plan.
  • Ask your physician. Doctors may be able to offer excellent recommendations.
  • Talk to your therapist. Your therapist may know somebody who specializes in interventions.
  • Ask for personal recommendations. Friends and family members may have already undergone the process you are about to experience.
  • Google it. Search for terms like “intervention counselors in Lakewood” to find local options.

Think about the way your family is affected by alcohol. Do you often feel hurt or betrayed by your loved one’s actions when he or she is using substances? Is the family unit suffering as a result? Alcohol and drug intervention counselors may save the life of somebody you love. An intervention could also save your family. Call today to find out about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in the Lakewood area.