Finding an Interventionist in Gig Harbor, Washington

When someone you love develops a drug problem, it is easy to feel like everything in your life is beginning to revolve around that person and the addiction. This is a very common experience, because addiction does not just affect the person with the addiction. People dealing with substance use disorders in Gig Harbor often rely on family or friends for various types of support, and they learn to manipulate their loved ones into supporting not just them, but their addiction as well. They may not be acting maliciously, but addiction can drive people to take advantage of other when they would not normally do so.

When someone you love is suffering from a serious drug problem, you want them to get help, but you may need help for yourself as well. Many people do not realize that this is what interventions are all about. An addiction is a family problem, not an individual problem, and interventions in Gig Harbor are meant to address the problems that affect both the person with the addiction and their loved ones. A skilled interventionist in Gig Harbor can help your family tackle the difficult problem of addiction in a way that supports both the person with the addiction and the family and loved ones that are also affected by the addict’s behavior.

In short, an intervention is designed to help you get your loved one into a substance abuse treatment program in Gig Harbor and to help everyone in your family regain control of their lives.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Gig Harbor, WA

When you decide that you need to plan a Gig Harbor drug intervention, your first concern may be trying to convince your loved one to go to rehab and get the help they need for their addiction. And that is an important part of what an intervention should be about. However, it is not the whole story.

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol get trapped in destructive behavioral cycles. Often, so do the people who love them. That cycle is known as co-dependency. That is when one person has an unhealthy emotional attachment to a person who needs more than they can give, such as a person suffering from an addiction.

Often, people in co-dependent relationships with addicts wind up enabling the addiction, which means that a co-dependent relationship is unhealthy for everyone involved. Part of the job of a drug intervention counselor in Gig Harbor is to help you and your loved ones set healthy, enforceable boundaries with the person who has the addiction. This does not just help you; when the person with the addiction cannot rely on you to enable the addiction, he or she is more likely to seek rehabilitation. Setting boundaries and refusing to enable the addict is healthier for the person as well.

Gig Harbor, WA Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

A Gig Harbor intervention is not as simple as inviting the person with the addiction over and ambushing them. In fact, you may not want to hold the intervention in your own home or a family member’s home at all. A more formal location, like a conference room, can feel more neutral. Your loved one is less likely to feel attacked in a neutral setting, and may also not feel comfortable enough to cause a scene by walking out or refusing to participate.

Your interventionist in Gig Harbor will help you go through the steps of planning the intervention. Make sure to involve the friends and family members who will be attending the intervention in the process of choosing the drug intervention counselor and planning the intervention. You will need everyone who wants to be involved to be on the same page.

Make sure that you also let the drug intervention counselor know about any special circumstances involving the person with the addiction. For example, the interventionist needs to know if your loved one has ever shown a propensity for violence, or if he or she has access to guns or other weapons so that the interventionist can take steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

People dealing with alcohol addiction have unique obstacles to handle. There is often a great deal of denial involved with alcohol addiction. Alcohol is legal and drinking is considered appropriate, acceptable, and normal in many settings. This can make it especially hard for alcoholics, and even for some of the loved ones of alcoholics, to realize or admit that they have a problem with alcohol at all.

It can also be difficult for families and friends to know how best to support a person struggling with alcoholism. An alcohol intervention counselor specializes in these types of cases and understands how best to address issues specific to alcoholism with the alcoholic and their loved ones.

To find a drug or alcohol interventionist in Gig Harbor, start by checking with your family doctor. The doctor can refer you to drug intervention counselors in the area.  Your health insurance company can also be a good resource. They can provide the contact information for drug or alcohol intervention counselors in Gig Harbor that accept your health insurance plan. You can also call The Recovery Village to be connected with local resources and information. We are standing by for your call.